Change and me are not friends.  Not pocket change (I like coins!), but change-change.  The kind that, by definition, messes with your routine.  It can range from the total upside down, twirl around, flip flop to the itsy-bitsy subtly that barely warrants any attention.  Either way and anywhere in between – I don’t like it.  I am not a  maniacal, raving lunatic when faced with change, but I do have a tendency to battle labored breathing, stomach butterflies and a general level of annoyance at the upheaval (however minor it is).

Well, right now we are living in what seems to be a constant state of flux.  I am paddling as fast I can, but my head is barely above water…

My mind is a whirling dervish and I am crazily typing and deleting in an effort to make these sentences, paragraphs and post in general morph into something somewhat coherent.

Here’s the big thing right now that’s going and thank you, thank you, thank you it’s only a six-week detour off this path we call life – Jacob is back to school and on unemployment.  After working as a residential non-union journeyman electrician for seven years, he decided to join the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and enroll in their five-year trainee course.  Because of his extensive experience and general awesomeness, they put him on the fast track.  “Yay!” for the fast track because it gets him done and at full commercial journeyman status sooner, but “Boo!” because it means cramming five six-week schooling sessions into a little over two years.

Now, the schooling is what’s going on.  He has a forty-five minute commute one way each day for six weeks and enjoys receiving the meager income that is unemployment for this same period.  His normal work schedule is four-ten hour days with a five minute commute each way.  And, Fridays are either his special “daddy-daughter” day with Beckett or over-time (which makes five day work weeks so much easier to handle when one day is time-and-a-half).  The math basically works out to a five-day week with the same commute as his four-day week, no sweet d&d time and a measly paycheck.  Let’s all say it together? Phooey – it sucks!

Where’s this blog going?  Is there a point to this rambling?

So, take me and change not being good friend, add a bit of unemployment wages and throw in a weekly schedule that sucks up A LOT more time and you’ll find that this blog and our family’s project has taken a hit.  I am struggling to find the time to even put a dent in the weekly to-do list.  The discretionary activities like ‘writing posts’, ‘reading an occasional magazine’ and ‘making dinner from scratch’ have fallen down to just under grocery shopping, doing laundry, vacuuming and sleeping.  I know that this six-week stint is nothing short of manageable and I know that some of you are wishing and hoping for a short forty-five minute commute or a four day work week.  I acknowledge that and I suppose my reasoning is that it’s what we’re used to.  And, like I said before – me and change are friends – well, not so much.

But, back to the point…

I want to apologize in advance if the material you’ve seen or read on here lately is a little sub-par.  I am working to get the giveaways lined up and organized.  And, my racing thoughts have moved onto a chicken-scratch pad that is awaiting transfer to the computer screen and blog.   In due time, this change shall pass and life will settle back into the good ‘ol routine…

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4 Responses to Cha-cha-change

  1. Ginger says:

    Ugh, change is rough. But, as always, this too shall pass!

  2. Barb D.V. says:

    Can totally understand what you are going through!! Have 2 daughters that are married to union electricians–one is done! You will have to let somethings go!! Like dusting and keeping the house clean and keeping up with your social life!!! It will all be worth it!!! Try keeping everything else simple!! Hope you all survive!!

    • sacredbee says:

      The saddest (and possibly most ironic) part of it all is that Jacob is actually back to work this week, but I have been so swamped it took me forever to get from writing to editing to posting… 🙂

  3. Jenny says:

    Rooting for you all! It will be worth it in the end. XOXO

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