Helping Me, Helping You

Sometimes I run across a product so must-have or a website so cool that I have to shout it from the rooftops.  More often than not, these recommendations come from a dear friend who seems to be the follower of an endless stream of hip, eco-friendly blogs. (What’s up, Cutzi?!)

Well, my newest and, quite possibly, greatest find via Cutzi is a one stop source for health and beauty products.  Think with a green twist.  It’s  They carry every imaginable health product.  Everything is eco-friendly, organic and/or all-natural.  Shipping on every order is only $4.99.  Oh, and, their prices are between 10% and 60% {!!} off the retail price.  I think I squealed out loud when I snagged a bottle of my fave Avalon Organics Lavender shampoo in a 32-ounce monster size for less than $10!

I love deals and I love, love, LOVE deals on eco-friendly stuff!  Woo hoo for VitaCost!!

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6 Responses to Helping Me, Helping You

  1. Cutzi says:

    Yay!! Thanks for the shout-out!! So glad you love it!

  2. Cutzi says:

    The honey is totally yummy, honey. 😉

    Now that we’re not eating bread I was a little stuck on what to put it on… but it was fantastic atop our homemade applesauce!

  3. Virginia says:

    Great website! Thanks for the lead. I just placed an order for the probiotics I use every day and saved a bunch.

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