Snick-snackies: Mama Luvs & BumbleBars (Review)

I like food.  My husband likes food.  The dog really likes food.  But, my just-turned-two-year-old, Beckett, is another story.  She loves food.  She is a good hearty, healthy, relatively well-rounded eater.  If a meal offers any combination of at least three foods, we are almost guaranteed {fingers crossed} that she will find at least one thing to eat.  When she does eat – she eats A LOT.  We are talking four helpings of spaghetti for dinner.  Two bowls of yogurt and granola or six pancakes for breakfast.  An entire peanut butter and jelly sandwich plus a banana and crackers for lunch.  It is no wonder that I am currently shopping in the 4T and 5T section of the consignment store for Beckett clothing…

With a full tummy, Beckett is a generally happy child.  But, a hungry Beckett is one you do not want to meet.  She is downright unpleasant and her behavior would suggest that she has gone days without food and is on the brink of starvation.  So, in an effort to bridge the standard three meals a day and avoid any unnecessary meltdowns, we hoard snacks everywhere.  In the past year, I have stepped up from a small clutch purse to a hobo bag that never has less than two fruit leathers and a baggy of crackers inside.  Multiple hidey-holes in the car are packed full of every imaginable snack and I often times remark that the entire fam-damily could live out of it for days.  Snacks are a lifeline.

And, that’s where these next two goodies come in.  Each one has found their way into a car cubby and a purse corner because they fit the “snack” bill.

MAMA LUVS Reusable Snack Bags: Pack a Snack & Protect the Planet

This company has so many cool things going for it.  It’s local, local – like Seattle, Washington local.  It was started by two moms who were frustrated by the lack of non-plastic options for their kids’ snackies.  With a bit of sewing know-how, a great idea and a whole lot of determination – Mama Luvs was born!

Mama Luvs makes an entire line of reusable snack bags and sandwich wraps in a whole conglomeration of prints and colors.  They also have a nifty diaper and wipe holder.  The products are fabric with a water-resistant, BPA-free lining and completely machine washable.  I really like that the snack bags have a gusseted bottom that makes it possible for them to sit on the counter like a bowl or in Beckett’s lap in the car.  And, the Velcro and/or drawstring closures make it easy-ish for little fingers to open.  The fabrics are adorable for kids and they even have manly versions for your rough and tough husband to take to work in his heavy-duty lunch cooler.

I’ve washed my fair share of plastic zippy bags, but each one eventually ends up in the recycle bin.  You can’t beat the opportunity to hook up with a replacement for endless plastic baggies and support a local company, homegrown company at the same time!  I love Mama Luvs!

Where to buy? Check out Mama Luvs’ website or swing by the local Skagit Valley Co-Op in Mount Vernon, Washington.

**Free shipping if you enter the coupon code: SACREDBEE when you purchase on the Mama Luv’s website.**

Get socially connected: Check out Mama Luvs on Facebook!

BumbleBar: Organic Energy

Any product that is easy to hold, relatively clean and oh-so filling deserves two thumbs up in my book and BumbleBars are simply the bees knees.  They are local to the Pacific Northwest, revolve around the honeybee (note the name!) and are simply scrumptious.  Picture a flattened out, sesame-seed based bar that resembles the size and shape of a granola bar, but is loaded with interesting ingredients and delightfully unique flavors.

But, it’s what makes up the bar that is really awesome.  There are a variety of 12 bars; each one is certified organic and each one can proudly boast that they are wheat-free, dairy-free and gluten-free.  The ingredients are ethically-sourced and each bar is loaded with one-tablespoon of flax seeds.  As a mother of a toddler I can appreciate the energy and grab-n-go nature of the BumbleBar, but I also value the quality of the ingredients and the flavor combinations the bar introduces my daughter to.  The BumbleBar goes beyond the standard, relatively boring chocolate chip peanut butter bar and tempts your taste buds with Awesome Apricot, Chai with Almonds and Chunky Cherry.  I mean – don’t they make your mouth water just reading about them?!

BumbleBar has scrumptiously combined high-quality, organic ingredients into a delicious, energy-boosting bar that tickles your taste-buds and keeps every single Ferry reaching for another.

Where to buy? Check out BumbleBar’s website or swing by the local Bellingham and Skagit Valley Co-Ops in our neck of the woods.

Get socially connected: Check out BumbleBar on Facebook!

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  1. Patty says:

    Thanks for the great review and the FB button. Please see our new official business page at

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