Convos with my toddler

Beckett is quite the conversationalist.  I fondly refer to her as the narrator of her own life.  Her mouth never stops moving.  The questions never stop coming.  And, her mind never stops thinking.

Sunday’s conversation with Beckett

{SCENE: Pulling out of the garage.  Beckett is in the backseat with a cup of crackers – octagonal shaped organic vegetable crackers from Trader Joe’s.  I’m driving.}

Beckett: What are these called?

Me: Those are called crackers.

Beckett: pondering my answer;  No.  What are these crackers called?

Me: They are called snack crackers.

Beckett: more thinking, close inspection of crackers; What are these spots called?

Me: They are the vegetable bits that the crackers are made of.

Beckett: long thinking time, silence in the backseat for many seconds and then a big grin; Pumpkin pie crackers?!

Me: Yes, they might have pumpkin in them.

Beckett: Broccoli crackers?

Me: Yes, they might have broccoli in them.

Beckett: Corn crackers?

Me: Yes, they might have corn in them.

Beckett: downturned face, concerned look; Beckett no no like peppers.  Icky.

Me: I bet peppers taste good in your crackers.

Beckett: smiling again, huge bit of cracker; Mmmm.  Pumpkin pie pepper crackers.



What's that cutie patootie wearing?


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4 Responses to Convos with my toddler

  1. Connie Sasken says:

    Little big for her!!!Give her time they grow into them fast. She is a cutie..Gramma C

  2. Jenny says:

    LOL Love it! The conversation AND the “outfit”. 😉

  3. Ginger says:

    So cute! She’s got a little Madonna thing going on with that outfit 😉

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