Tis’ a Gift To Be Simple: Eco Baby Buys!

Gift giving is a big deal to me.  So much in fact that you have seen two posts devoted to Beckett’s 2nd birthday party and there is still at least one more to come!  The browsing, the hemming and hawing, the final decision and the much anticipated gift wrapping project all lead up to a spectacular presentation and one happy (hopefully!), fully-satisfied and maybe quite-surprised recipient!  I just LOVE giving gifts!

I knew that when I started on this project I’d have to look inside myself and decide how I wanted to handle the materialistic, somewhat costly, consumerist hobby I have of gift giving.  How would this fit into what I was doing?  Or, did it need to go by the wayside all together and a suitable replacement found?  In all reality, I cannot completely do away with gift giving – it’s part of my being and I truly cherish the time, effort and final reaction from the recipient.

My compromise has become to turn gift giving into a statement of sorts.  I use the presents as both a direct support of companies that are in line with my views, priorities and mission and as a kind of outreach that helps keep this ball rolling, this project jiving and this message a shoutin’.  And, it’s been good, real good.  The products that I have been able to review, giveaway and gift have been uber-cool and the supply at this point seems endless.  The ideas are magnificent.

But, then came the birth of my newest niece and I was shockingly at a standstill when it came to the gift-giving.  I kept thinking about great ideas, but each one was quickly nixed when I remembered that this was my brother and sister-in-law’s second little girl.  They already have the basics and are stocked up on clothing.  So my thoughts moved to finding something personal with an individual touch.  This thinking ended up in another roadblock, when I began to clearly recall the very particular opinions of my aforementioned family members.  This is not a knock on either of them at all, but she-who-shall-not-named has her opinions on what she likes, dislikes, wants, needs, imagines, etc… and if the gift doesn’t fit this bill then back to the store it goes.  And, that’s okay.  No, really, it’s fine by me.

So, knowing all this – what do you get?

Well, I headed on over to my new favorite love addiction – a one-deal-a-day stop and snagged a gift certificate.  I’m talking about ECO BABY BUYS (www.ecobabybuys.com)!  EBB is a company that offers one item for a screaming deal every day at 6:00am PST and when it’s sold out, it’s gone-dee.  The prices are a minimum 40% off the retail and each one has to fit the following eco-friendly bill:

  • the use of non-toxic materials and dyes {i.e. BPA-free};
  • the use of organic and/or recycled textiles and materials {i.e. organic cotton};
  • the use of eco-friendly packaging {i.e. post-consumer};
  • and a commitment and adherence to the standards of fair-trade.

I visit this site on an admittedly regular basis and subscribe to their “daily alert” to make sure I know about the deals the second they “go green”.  And, I have to say that while there are some lulls in the goodies and the truly awesome finds come and go, my frequent purchases are clearly evidenced on our monthly bank statements.   The customer service is outstanding and the company’s mission of offering a “one day go green” deal is both worthwhile and uplifting.

The purchase of a gift certificate to EBB filled my gift-giving criteria as best as possible.  I am assured that the purchase will meet my personal message, but is open ended to ensure that my family gets what they want and need.  Thank you Eco Baby Buys!

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