Where’d you go? I miss you so…

I am slacking.  Well, maybe not slacking so much as juggling.  The bean bags of life have been sky high the last few weeks and I am struggling to keep them all in the air.  The dedication to this project is still at full throttle, but the blog is looking a little peaked lately.  And, it’s not that life has not been fantastically interesting or downright maniacal with its comings and goings.  That in itself is the problem.  I have so many stories to tell, but not enough time to sit down and put it all together into coherent, literate, somewhat informative sentences.

So, for now I am resorting to bullets.  Short, to-the-point bits that hopefully leave you with bated breath and bubbling with anticipation for more to come…

Beckett turns TWO (2!!!)

  • Beckett turned two at the end of August and what a party it was!  Mixed feelings of longing for a baby with incredible pride and astonishment for the amazing little individual she has become.
  • Dr. Suess made a rather obvious, somewhat overwhelming appearance and our goal of keeping it natural, low-budget and organic came off with only a minor hitch here and there.
  • “Sandboxle Debacle”: Who’d have thunk that filling a sandbox with non-toxic sand for digging would have been such a tall order?  No worries – I prevailed.

Tis’ the Bees Knees

  • The bees have become the elephant in our room.  Don’t ask.  I know nothing.  I have honey and don’t know what to do about it.  I have oodles of “solutions”, but no action plan.  I missed my last beekeepers’ meeting because I had no childcare and nobody appreciates the company of a toddler who is up past her bedtime (myself included!).

Back to reality

  • School has started and that means I am back to work full-time.  The smidgen of time between pulling in the driveway and going to bed is gone in a second; And, I can’t find that opening where I handle the stove pot boiling over, a tantrum here or there, the incessant buzzing of the dryer, a sink full of dishes and a head full of ideas that need to get put down on paper…

Eggs Galore

  • We have eggs!  Let me say it again – WE HAVE EGGS!  What were roundish, globes the size of a grape have ballooned into full-size, perfectly velvet brown eggs.  And, they are arriving fast and furious – about two a day at this point.

Gardening through winter?

  • The vegetable garden is winding down and the gourds and squash are starting to take over.  But, I am going to give something new a whirl this year – a little garden in winter.  I have read that some of our family’s staples, like lettuce and broccoli, can do really well over winter under row covers.  So, it looks like Jacob’s honey do list just got a little longer…

Workin’ for the weekend

  • In an effort to put some “dough” in our pockets and start getting my writing out there, I have been gobbling up as many freelance assignments as I can chew.  The first week of September had the looming deadline for two articles – one in my local Community Co-Op newsletter and another in a neighboring Co-Op’s newsletter, plus a two-week assignment blogging for Eat Local America’s pacific northwest campaign.  Just typing it makes me tired.  Payment came in the form of gift certificates and that’s fine by me.  Food is money and money is food.

The goods on the goodies

  • The sheer number of amazing, free-thinking, ingenious people is staggering.  The products are overflowing and I cannot keep up with the emails, reviews, excitement and giveaways.  Some make my jaw drop and others leave me wondering how I lived without them for so long.  My inbox is full and so is my head.  And, the icing on top is that every single one is worth shouting about.  The cherry is they are uber-eco-friendly and oh-so-local.

Phew –

And, I think that is all…

I promise, promise, promise that I will not leave you hanging.  All the details are sure to come in due time…

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3 Responses to Where’d you go? I miss you so…

  1. Danielle A says:

    Lovin it and Lovin you Kate!

  2. Ginger says:

    Whew, you’ve got a lot going on!! (and happy belated birthday to Beckett!)

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