Do you see what I see?

Oh, I apologize in advance if the title of this post gets you humming Christmas songs.  The refrain seems to have settled quite nicely into the back of my head…

But, back to the post…

GUESS WHAT?!!!! We have EGGS!!!!  OMG!

Should I focus on the hand? Should I focus on the speckles? Should I focus on the towel? Should I focus on the egg? These ALL were questions from the camera, hence the blurriness...

We left for camping this weekend and came home to FOUR (yes, count ’em!) 1-2-3-4 eggs!  They are darling.  Well, small.  Actually miniature would be better description.  They are “Beckett-sized”.  About 1-inch in length and width and more of a roundish globe instead of a tapered oval.   The shells are beautifully speckled brown.  I was expecting a solid, even-toned brown, so my initial assumption was that the location of discovery was to blame.  Half were found on the ground (like in the chicken mess and trampled grass) and the other half were snuggled into the floor covering and chicken waste (again!) on the bottom of the coop.

All snuggled in the ramekin in the fridge!

But, the eggs are here!

And, I love them.  I squealed with delight and ran giddy out to the coop after Jacob hand-delivered the first few.  After a little internet research, it seems that these baby eggs and their “spotted” appearance are normal.  It’s kind of nature’s way of introducing the young chickens to popping eggs out.  And, a way to work out the kinks.  As far as using them in a 18-egg omelet – I am still not sure.  The eggs are most likely all-whites or all-yolks and right now I am enjoying a sense of adoration every time I open the fridge door.

The two-thirds of our starting baseball line-up worked hard and we have eggs to show it.  All those days and evenings spent cleaning out the brood box have brought us here.  The chickens are healthy, happy and laying!  YIPPEE!!

Disclaimer: Yes, dear mother (the same mother who has been asking about the anticipated arrival of eggs every two weeks for the past five months with total disregard for my previous, well-educated, accurate answers that told her the first part of September and her forgetful, assumption that perhaps the date would move up sooner if she asked more…) – you have dibs on the second set of eggs that are adult-sized, not Beckett-sized.

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3 Responses to Do you see what I see?

  1. Jenny says:

    Yay! How exciting! Well done girls! 🙂

  2. Cutzi says:

    Yahoo!!! I feel like ours should have laid (layed?) something by now. NObody is producing (including me) and I’m starting to get a little peeved.

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