Sprig Toys: Funky All-In-One Fun (Review & Giveaway)

Organization is something that I hold to an extremely high standard.  I am an anti-clutter freakazoid and our house maintains a beyond normal level of cleanliness and order.  Jacob reluctantly jumped on the bandwagon when we got married and Beckett has adopted our lifestyle as well as almost any two-year-old can. Don’t think of me as a scrooge when it comes to keeping the house neat and tidy or putting the nix on good old-fashioned messes and childhood adventures.  This is a house of fun – lots of fun.  But, the toys of a child do present challenges.  The biggest hurdle is the sheer volume of toys and this is where I become a stickler.  If a toy isn’t loved and played with, it goes bye-bye and is relinquished to the “for future children” bin.  If a toy doesn’t meet my quality standards, it is donated to the local church’s non-profit store.  In the end, the toys that are cherished and eventually become integral parts of our household succumb to endless hours of toddler love abuse.

When Beckett turned one, she received her very first tractor – it was a front loader by Sprig Toys.  And, she has been hooked on wheeled toys ever since.  If it can be pushed or pulled around and accompanied by a “Vroom!  Vroom!” sound she is one happy girl.

Well, Sprig Toys has hooked us again.  They have created a truly ingenious toy that has captured Beckett’s relatively non-existent attention span and consequently, Jacob’s and my hearts (and, sanity!).  It is the Sand Truck from their Sprig Hollow series of toys.  It is a puzzle.  It is a set of toys.  It is a truck.  It is a movin’, groovin’, uber- cool Sand Truck.  And, we love it!  I call it our Grass Truck-Water Truck-Bath Truck-Dirt Truck-Wood Truck-Everything Truck.  It literally goes inside or outside and moves from tub to sandbox, back again and through the lawn on its way.

All the pieces laid out - just a like a little Barker's Beauty.

The Sand Truck is perfection.  It literally wraps up three four countless toys into one (yay for organization!) and the construction is made entirely of recycled materials and non-toxic dyes (yay for the family and our environment!).  SPRIG toys are made entirely of “Sprig Wood” – a product that resembles a hardy plastic, but is actually a combination of reclaimed wood and recycled plastic.  And, the colors are easy on the eyes and natural to boot!  The dyes are added during the production process and will not fade over time or chip off, plus, it’s completely free of any kind of heavy metals, phthalates and endocrine disruptors.  Oh, and, for those of you with children who are c-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y on the move, no batteries are needed for any Sprig toys – they are ALL kid powered!

If you listen real carefully, you can hear Beckett saying "Vroom! Vroom!"

So, three cheers for Sprig Toys – Hip, hip, hooray!!

Where to buy? You can visit Sprig Toys’ website for more information at www.sprigtoys.com or check out our local toy stores; Fairhaven Toy Garden, Little Tiger Toys and the Skagit Valley Co-Op all carry Sprig Toys.

Ready for a giveaway?!  Me, too!

One lucky Sacred Bee Blog reader will win a Sand Truck by Sprig Toys!

Interested in entering the giveaway?

Comment on this post and tell me: What is your favorite all-in-one kind of toy?

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Winners will be drawn on Saturday, August 14th, 2010 at 8:00pm PST.

Good luck!

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12 Responses to Sprig Toys: Funky All-In-One Fun (Review & Giveaway)

  1. Nancy Ging says:

    A friend gave my grandson some wonderful wooden blocks in a little wagon about 3 inches high. The blocks have letters in several colors, animals on one side, numbers and arithmetic signs (add, subtract, multiply, equals, etc.) on another side, and the numbers and animals have the words in Italian. Sam can stack the blocks, knock the blocks down, haul them around on the wagon, haul other toys around in the wagon, floss his two lower teeth with the pull cord, turn the wagon over and spin the wheels, and (best of all!) ride in the wagon. Later he’ll be able to spell, read animal names, do simple arithmetic, and learn a little basic Italian. Oh, and I almost forgot–banging two blocks together is a great rhythm entertainment that he loves! I think the blocks came from the Museum of Natural History catalog.

    P.S. Please enter me in the drawing!

  2. Barb D.V. says:

    I will check out the Sprig toys!! With 5 grandsons…..
    We still have quite a few toys from our kids that are still played with–because they are all in one–no parts–the Disney Poppin’ Pals is still a fave!! This was daughter Lisa’s birthday gift at age 2–she is now 33!! Some of these old toys are pretty tough!!
    Have a great summer!!

  3. Ginger says:

    Because of Jackson’s age, we don’t have a TON of toys that do double duty yet, but my current favorite is this little snail that has big shapes that can be put in the snails shell from little cutouts, but can also be stacked like legos. And can be chewed on :-).

  4. Kristen Van Sickle says:

    That looks fun! My fave all in one toy has to be these books my mom made when my sisters were little, they taught you how to zip, button, tie, snap and a few other things all in one handy little book! Loved it…they have dolls like that too now that I think about it.

  5. Katrina says:

    we could really use that around here….hmmm….we really like crayons but is that all in one…probably not…..maybe our bath toys that double for fun in our water table…my daughter loves those!

  6. RG says:

    Love this, and I ditto your best -toy- is – a-loved-toy-or-it-is-never-to -be-seen-again mantra. Sounds kinda crazy, but an abacus or geoboards are fab.

  7. RG says:

    I subscribe via email. Thanks for having me.

  8. meeyeehere says:

    My son has a toy that stacks and has wheels that he likes a great deal but he has nothing like this one.It seems really neat and something he would like a lot.

  9. meeyeehere says:

    I subscribed in a reader too

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