A little advice, please

I need a little advice – well, a lot actually – otherwise I wouldn’t be doing a mass shout out to y’all.  I am really trying to get all my ducks in a row and figure out how to work as a writer for a living.  Yes, I mean make money writing.  I don’t want to bore you, but all things adding up – being away from Beckett full time, thinking about more children in the future, a desire to play a bigger part in my home and my honeybees, feel/breathe/desire my job and what I do for a living and about a gazillion other reasons make writing an ideal choice for a profession.

I feel a little lost, but after ridiculous amounts of research and lots of advice, I am working the freelance market to start with.  And, the first step is creating my “writing” resume and putting together a selection of work that will accompany the resume.  That’s where you all come in… I’d like a little information on what blogs you think are my best and which highlight the “Kate” that you know and enjoy reading.  So, comment away – please, pretty please, with a cherry on top.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

A few of my favorites – or, er, your favorites…

When the bottom falls out… – I think that this post offers a one-two punch, but it’s quite personal – maybe too, too, too personal for a professional compilation

Welcome back my girls – Just a good all around kind of post – oh, and it’s about bees, which makes it uber-cool

Breadfarms, Bakeries, Cheese…Oh my! – It’s funny because this was never a post that grabbed my attention, but it sure grabbed a lot of your guys’ attention.

Conscious Decisions – Kind of the stepping stone post that brings it all back to where it began.

A shrinking violet – Another poor-my-heart-out kind of post which means it might not be the best “professional” sample

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5 Responses to A little advice, please

  1. Cynthia says:

    I’ve enjoyed your blog for several months now, and love the name — and what you are doing. Of the ones you included in this posting, I particularly like “Welcome back…” and “Breadfarms, Bakeries…” for the tone, subject matter, and length. “When the bottom falls out” is intense and gripping, but longer than the others, and I concur that it is too personal, as is “A shrinking violet.” “Conscious decisions” feels unfinished to me.

    As a bee lover, I particularly enjoyed “Bring on the honey flow” for your clear explanations and helpful photos. “How expensive is it?” was a thoughtful, beautifully written post. And “Coop-De-Ville” was succinct, well-illustrated, and encouraging to those pondering whether or not to get chickens. I vote for these three, and encourage you to follow your dream!

    • sacredbee says:

      Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. I am so happy to see advice from a “non-family” member. I’ll keep you posted on the writing gig and where it ends up.

  2. claudia cornish says:

    big step!
    big endeavor!
    a field not for shrinking violets
    there are many that you could talk to including your favorite-rick
    he has made it by diversifying which is always a good thing
    that means he writes in all genres-technical, prose, poetry, memoirs and on
    not a bad idea
    every technical proposal he writes he writes himself in as a staff or a consultant
    go girl!
    love ya

  3. Barb D.V. says:

    You’ve got a gift!! Go for it!!! It’s amazing what you can do now a days with the internet!!

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