Potting Shed Creations: Welcoming the Honeybees (Review & Giveaway)

I am a notoriously pathetic catalog shopper.  I have been known to park myself down on the couch with a stack next to me and waste the hours away poring over the what’s what of gift ideas and superfluous purchases.  I dog ear pages left and right and pin down ideas with flapping sticky notes.  Then I look the catalog over again – cover to cover and fondly reminisce about the possibilities and delightful daydreams inside.   And, then I painstakingly recover my unused post it notes and toss the catalog in the recycle bin.  I can’t resist the temptation to peruse the catalogs, but only once in a blue moon do I actually make a purchase.

Well, that’s about to change.  I recently received a catalog from Potting Shed Creations and I went cuckoo.  It was over-the-top imaginary gift buying.  I was literally commenting aloud  and I found myself inexplicably nagging Jacob to check out “this” and check out “that” and “oh, look at this” and “OMG – you have to see this, too”.

Potting Shed Creations is a local Pacific Northwest company that sells artistic gardening gift sets.  Their line of products includes an aesthetically pleasing line of Bamboo Grow Pots that house organic soil and seeds of your choice and are all tied up with a ribbon made from recycled plastic bottles.  Then there are the Rice Hull Nurseryman’s Pots that are a entire container garden in a completely renewable and biodegradable pot made from rice hulls and organic pigments.  But, don’t overlook the kid friendly sets that really touched my heart; the Stone Soup Garden and the Fairytale Gardens – each one brings classic stories to life and organic vegetables to your table.

Honeybee Habitat Scatter Garden

Honeybees are one of my greatest passions.  The welfare of my hives and the environment that the bees are welcomed into is key to my happiness as a beekeeper and advocate for honeybees.   In past posts I have discussed the devastating affect that the human destruction of habitat and direct pollution are having on honeybee populations.  Our yards are no longer safe for the honeybee and that’s a big, big problem.  Obviously, we can’t all become beekeepers or design entire plots to be pesticide free (oh, but, wouldn’t that be great?), but we can look to the Honeybee Habitat Scatter Garden for a little assistance.

Potting Shed Creations has designed an eco-friendly package of twenty different plants designed to invite honeybees to your garden.  The seed mixture covers approximately 125 square feet.  The variety of flowers has some familiar faces like the California Poppy and the New England Aster and each selection is both appealing to your eyes and to the honeybees’ natural proclivity to seek out quality pollen sources.  The price point is affordable at $13.00 for 15 g of seed and the packaging is perfect for gift giving.  The Honeybee Habitat Scatter Garden also takes the guesswork out of what to plant and where to plant it to encourage the honeybees.

Potting Shed Creations really is a wonderful company that is setting an example to strive by; the art of gardening, the art of design and the art of eco-awareness.

Where to buy? Check out their website at www.pottingshedcreations.com

Want to invite honeybees to your yard and provide a safe haven for them to pollinate?  Well, then you need to check out this giveaway!

THREE (!!!) lucky Sacred Bee Blog readers will each win a Honeybee Habitat Scatter Garden!

Interested in entering the giveaway?

Comment on this post and tell me: What is your biggest concern when it comes to the honeybee population and what you have read in the mainstream media?

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Winners will be drawn on Saturday, July 31st, 2010 at 8:00pm PST.

Good luck!

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26 Responses to Potting Shed Creations: Welcoming the Honeybees (Review & Giveaway)

  1. Cathi Kosanovic says:

    Kate–my biggest honeybee concern is the loss of this population entirely. We’ve already experienced the loss of hives due to the death of the queens..be it environmentally caused or other reasons.

    As the African bees make their progress northward..I fear that people will not distinguish between these two different populations and mass eradication will occur.

  2. claudia cornish says:

    do you ever sleep?
    this is an amazing site

  3. Jennifer M says:

    We’re in the process of wiping out the oceans, one of the world’s major food sources. Then we will lose our plant sources without honeybees. It’s definitely a huge worry.

  4. I have not read too much but it seems that all the damage to our atmosphere and the changes in the weather patterns has to be detrimental.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  5. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I worry about not only the honey bee but the destruction of the earth itself. Without honey bees we will not have fruits, veggies, plants, or flowers. We need our bees. I have 3 acres of land and I do not use any pesticides, or change the woods in any way except to add wildflowers and sunflowers. I love all my creatures.

  6. Darcy B says:

    My biggest honeybee concern is the loss of this population and the fact that we don’t know why it’s happening or how to stop it. I worry because we rely on honey bees to pollinate a large number of our plants. I worry about what we’re doing to our poor planet –withe the disaster in the gulf it’s a wonder the planet doesn’t try and get rid of us troublesome humans all together!

  7. Kristen Van Sickle says:

    It’s scary to think of a world with out bees. I’ll admit I am not a huge bee fan (they scare me, I dont like being stung even though that has only happened twice in my life) but I do know how important they are to life around us! If I hear my husband complain about the lack of bees in our “balcony garden” I may scream, but I see whta the real lack of them has done to our neighbors tomatos! they barely have any, and we, who have flowering bee attracting flowers, have a ton of tomatos. Well, what we call a ton because, really, for a real garden, we have nada!
    SO thats my take on the bee situation!

  8. Kristen Van Sickle says:

    ok, I became a fan on FB, but how do you know that I did it? But I did do it

  9. anaria says:

    My biggest concern that I’ve learned of through the media is disappearance of whole bee hives, not just for the bees, but because they are also an essential part of the ecosystem and maintaining the cross pollination of our plant life.

  10. anaria says:

    I facebooked it as well: http://www.facebook.com/christinaroberts?v=wall&story_fbid=134330779937362

    And ‘liked’ Potter Shed Creations : )

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  12. anaria says:

    You’ll find my blog post about your giveaway here: http://anaria.wordpress.com/2010/07/22/want-a-beeautiful-garden/

  13. domestic diva says:

    My biggest concern is that we’re poisoning the planet and the honeybees are the proverbial canaries in the coal mine.

    Thanks for the chance!

  14. kari says:

    I’m concerned about the future of gardens and farms without honeybees to pollenate them.

  15. meeyeehere says:

    Over the years,I have noticed the numbers of honeybees have gone way way down.I live in Mississippi where lots of bee keepers live and still do well.However,What I have heard on the news is alarming.I have heard most recently that scientist believe that radiation from cell phone towers have caused this whole terrible twist in the lives of bees.They did studies suggesting that bees around phone radiation produced very few bees and almost no honey and finally the numbers became dramatically few.

  16. Jenny says:

    Ooh! VERY cool! And I’m back in time to enter (It’s worth a try! :-)) My biggest concern is the depletion of the bee population as a whole. Since being made aware of it, I’ve tried to plant more flowers that bee’s might be attracted to and use less chemicals (if any) in the garden. I even bought a book with idea’s on how to grow plants and deter pests organically. Always interested in new idea’s on how to support the bee population (unless they are Africanized bee’s living in my back yard. That might be a little scary…)

  17. Melissa says:

    I am not sure if my original post entered, it is not showing up, so I am sending one more. Sorry if it got sent twice. I had no idea this was such a wide spread deal with disappearing bees. I am trying to increase, my kids appreciation for bees, (they are terrified), but I want them to understand the important role they play in our world and to appreciate them.

  18. MomOfFour says:

    I am concerned about the loss of honeybees and my heart does a little skip when I seen them out enjoying the clover in our yard……I worry about the costs we are paying for progress. All of the pesticides and chemicals our farmers are using to grow gm foods in ever increasing amounts, unnaturally. I believe the Lord has given us everything we need and we are trying to make it better…..at what cost?

  19. MomOfFour says:

    I subscribed via email

  20. MomOfFour says:

    I subscribed in a reader

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  22. donna detommaso says:

    can you mail me a catalog please

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