Oh, sweet, Fairhaven Farmer’s Market

Every Wednesday Beckett and I have a date.  If we are lucky enough, Daddy joins us, but it is usually “ladies only”.  In past posts, I have professed my unabashed addiction to the Saturday Bellingham Farmer’s Market and the mid-week fix that the Fairhaven market offers is just the hit I need.  The who’s who of vendors are here, but there are also a suprisingly delightful handful of newbies, too.  The stalls are around the perimeter of the village green – a grassy knoll that invites families to enjoy picnic lunches, legs to stretch and toddlers to run their wiggles out.  The walkways are roomy and there is no stroller battling or body bumping.  It is the best of the best – food, friends, freshness, farmers and Fairhaven.  Hip hip hooray!

My daughter, Beckett, who insists on making sure none of the fresh berries make it home

Bellingham Fairhaven Farmer’s Market

Every Wednesday; noon to 5pm

June to September (exactly the dates that I am off for summer from work – how perfect is that?!)

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2 Responses to Oh, sweet, Fairhaven Farmer’s Market

  1. Virginia says:

    Be sure to ask the Bham Farmers Market web person to put in a link to SacredBee!

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