Keeping It Natural Inside and Out: Maxim & Natracare (Review & Giveaway)

Here is the official disclaimer for what you are about to read.  If you feel uncomfortable talking about feminine hygiene or menstrual cycles, then you should probably stop reading.  If you are a male and refer to women’s periods with juvenile idioms including “Aunt Flo” or “Red Snapper”, then you probably don’t want to go any further.

But, if you are mature (yes, males can read this, too) and want to learn about what’s going on with the female body and why you should care about what you are using for that monthly cycle, please accept this invitation to read away.

The topic of feminine hygiene has been in the back of my mind since this project started and only came to the forefront when my seemingly endless box of Tampax tampons ran out.  I suppose that necessity can also be considered the “mother of choosing”.  I had to make a choice.  I had to choose between my stand-by, warehouse-size box that is sold for ridiculously cheap and the lesser-known products that are made of high-quality all-natural materials, but hit the wallet a little harder.   I bit the bullet and purchased the Seventh Generation box that rang up a total bill of $5.99 {gulp!} for 20 applicator-free tampons.  Without trying to sound cliché, I reasoned this choice based on the simple idea that you cannot put a price tag on health.  What I put on my body, in my body or in my body’s environment is important. Extremely important.

Why is the price worth it?  Why do I want organic? 26% – yes, TWENTY SIX percent – of the world’s pesticides are sprayed on cotton.  The same cotton that is being put into you body.  Or soaking up your bodily fluids.

When you start looking around for products that focus on organic, all-natural, chemical free materials, you inadvertently dive into the rabbit hole and find a world full of incredible resources and ingeniously eco- and body-friendly products.  During this past week, I have had the opportunity to try to out a few brands of feminine hygiene products.  Each of these companies make it their goal to provide products that are made of natural and organic materials and focus on minimal waste.  The product lines start with feminine hygiene but also include personal care products including cotton swabs, baby wipes and toiletries.

At this time, I am focusing on resources that are similar to what I have always used, but I’d like to find out what else is out there because the options are truly endless and each one of them offers an alternative to the chemical-laden, unsafe, hormone-disrupting products that litter our shelves.  In the future you might be reading about reusable cloth menstrual pads, rubber collection cups…  I’ll keep you posted.


Maxim offers an extensive line of both feminine products and personal hygiene products.  The tampons and sanitary pads are available in “natural” and “natural & organic” varieties.  The two lines are guaranteed chlorine-free, dioxin-free (a known toxin that disrupts hormone levels and causes cancer), synthetic free (keeping it all natural!) and hypoallergenic to ensure comfort for even the most sensitive users.  Maxim also offers a collection of organic personal hygiene products including cotton balls, cotton rounds and cotton swabs – all of which stood up to rigorous use including cleaning Tucker’s ears (ew!), applying Jacob’s nightly toner and removing my month-old nail polish.  Who says you can’t enjoy a pedicure for weeks and weeks?!  And, don’t worry we used new swabs or balls each time!

There is a unique story behind Maxim and I particularly like that it involves a man.  Kenneth Alvandi, CEO, had a twenty-five year background in the manufacturing of feminine hygiene products, but wanted to find more natural and safer alternatives to the industry standard.  In 2008, he took the passion and commitment for his two daughters and wife and combined it with his expertise to launch Maxim.

Where to buy? Check out Maxim or pick them up local at Terra Organica in Bellingham!


Natracare offers a huge line of traditional feminine care products including sanitary pads and tampons, new mother maternity and nursing pads and incontinence products.  They also have an entire line of toiletries made from all-natural, chemical-free ingredients and baby products including wipes.  I really like that Natracare’s product line spans both sexes and generations and incorporates the entire family.  The baby care products boast ingredients that include all-natural essential oils.

At first glance, it is clear that Natracare is eco-conscious and focused on reducing waste by using minimal packaging for their products.  The majority of the packaging was able to be dumped into my compost bin (no, I didn’t try to compost a used tampon!) and didn’t contribute to unnecessary landfill waste.  The design of the products are classically simple and utilize time-tested applications to ensure adequate protection and comfort.

Where to buy? Fred Meyer in Bellingham or you can check out Natracare.

Want to give organic cotton feminine hygiene products a try!?  Well, then scroll down for the awesome giveaway!!

ONE lucky Sacred Bee Blog reader will win an assorted set of Natracare products!

  • Box of 16 Organic Cotton Tampons – Regular Absorbency
  • Box of 14 Organic Cotton Natural Ultra Pads – Regular Absorbency
  • Package of 12 Organic Cotton Intimate Wipes
  • Box of 22 Organic Cotton Panty Liners – Ultra Thin
  • Limited Edition Canvas Bag (uber-cute if I do say so myself!)

And, ONE more lucky Sacred Bee Blog reader will win a set of personal care products from Maxim!  Woo hoo!

  • One package each of three different items – your choice!!

Interested in entering the giveaway?

Comment on this post and tell me: What is your biggest concern when it comes to chemicals and your body?

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Winners will be drawn on Monday, July 5th, 2010 at 8:00pm PST.

Good luck!

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8 Responses to Keeping It Natural Inside and Out: Maxim & Natracare (Review & Giveaway)

  1. Cutzi says:

    Seriously. I was just considering asking you about this stuff. The only thing I’m not so sure about is the applicator-free part….

    But please… if you ever decide to use reusable cloth menstrual pads….do not hang them to dry in the rolled up window of your car outside of Trader Joes.

    Because honestly, once I figured out what they were after staring at them for a while, I threw up a little bit in my mouth.

    Just sayin’….

    • sacredbee says:

      You made me almost pee myself when I read about the menstrual pad hanging out the window – ee-gads! Definitely worthy of a little throw up. I promise, promise, promise to never do that if I ever give them a whirl… And, no applicators on tampons are totally not for me, but it’s all that the Co-Op and Haggen have around here. You have to try to Terra Organica for ones with applicators (my personal choice).

  2. Jenny says:

    Very cool! I love your giveaways. Maybe I’ll win one sometime. 🙂
    My biggest concern about chemicals and my body is how they might build up over time, while I ingest a little here and a little there, and cause cancer or other adverse effects.

  3. Virginia says:

    I was LOLing when I got to the “red snapper” — that was new to me! Well, I haven’t had to worry about ‘intimate’ products since I was 40 but, let’s face it, we all put cotton products close to our persons in other ways, truly the “out” in your headline.
    To answer the question: what my biggest concern is when it comes to chemicals and my body? Cancer, in a word.

  4. Emily N says:

    I’m concerned about the chemicals like fragrance that are “proprietary” so consumers can’t have access to know what is actually in them such as dangerous pthalates.

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