Traditional third verse: My favorite things

Can you call something a tradition if it has only been done twice?  I say “yes”.  So, my selection of favorite things that I post at haphazard, seemingly random intervals has become a tradition.  So, here let’s toast to the third verse.

The increments at which I publish these “favorite things” posts might appear arbitrary (and, truth be told – they are!), but the selections are anything but.  These are products I have personally tried.  I believe in both their uses and the companies’ philosophies.  I have never been paid to publish my thoughts or findings and you won’t find anything on here that hasn’t passed through the rigorous “Kate Ferry – a.k.a. Sacred Bee” hoops with flying colors.

My favorite things aren’t always local, but the products and their uses must be actively engaged in reducing our environmental impact through alternative methods of production and/or materials.  I particularly like to find everyday {necessary} household products that are being replaced with creative, choices. And, you can be sure that if something is local to the Pacific Northwest – I’ll be shouting about it here!

So, onto the third verse…

Gatorhyde Hoses distributed by North Washington Implement in LYNDEN, WASHINGTON!!

A few months ago I was driving to work and passed a sign at the local hardware store that said: “Just In – Local Eco-Friendly GATORHYDE Hoses from Lynden”.  Well, you know full well I had to get on the horn and start moving and shaking to find this Lynden gem that’s making eco-friendly garden and farm hoses.  My findings led me to North Washington Implement in Lynden and the warehouse manager, hose maker extraordinaire, Tom and a look inside the workings of this place.  My 25-foot hose was custom made for me on site and I was able to touch all the parts that went into making it.

I literally got to see my hose made - talk about "local"!

The outside sheath is made of 100% recycled hose rubber and the inside features food-safe tubing that means it’s a-okay to drink from the hose, too (good thing for Beckett!).  The quality of the hose is absolutely incredible – you can fill it with water and let it freeze over winter and then run it over with your car, while it’s frozen solid (bad case scenario) and it will be fine!  You can’t beat a product that is locally made and distributed, contains recycled material and is of the utmost quality.  Three cheers for Gatorhyde!  Hip, hip, hoorah!

Theo Chocolates in Seattle, Washington!!

There are few words that make my heart go a flutter like “chocolate” does.  And, when you combine it with “organic”, “free-trade” and “local” – I simply stop in my tracks.  Well, let’s open the door to Theo Chocolate in Seattle, Washington.  They are proud to be the only organic, fair-trade, bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the United States.  What does this mean, you ask?  It means that they are making chocolate as a whole package – they are responsible for every step that bean takes, every hand it touches and the final product is exceptionally high quality and incredibly eco-aware.  You can find their delicacies at most stores in Whatcom County and almost all Whole Foods nationwide.

It's almost too pretty to eat. Key word is "almost"...

The flavors are both traditional and entirely unique.  We had the delight of trying a Cherry & Almond Dark Chocolate Bar (incredibly delicious, intense in the way only good quality dark chocolate can be) and a Coconut & Curry Milk Chocolate Bar from their Fantasy Flavors line (an intriguing combination of spicy sweetness).  So, if you have a choice the next time you buy chocolate – you should check out Theo.  You won’t be sorry.

The chocolate sends a message and so does the packaging.

EcoPouf by EcoTools

The body pouf scrubber goes by many different names (a.k.a. body puff) but the function is the same: a scrubbie for your body.  These sponges work great for exfoliating and distributing suds galore, but I usually hate what they are made of.  I think of them as plastic in disguise.  You forget that the intricate weaving of mesh is really a ball of petroleum-based material.  Well, that’s where EcoTools has come to the rescue.  They have produced a body puff made entirely out of recycled plastic – 100% through and through.  Please welcome the EcoPouf!  It looks like your standard body sponge, but didn’t require the extraction of crude oil to make.  The sizing is beyond generous and the pouf displays all the benefits of a traditional body scrubber.  And, if you are interested in smelling heaven, you should check out the “REPLENISH YOUR NATURAL RESOURCES” body butter by EcoTools.  The scent is divine and the ingredients are 98% natural.  Oh, and you can find these EcoTools goodies at your neighborhood Fred Meyer or Target – no need to pay shipping!

The Eco Pouf looks ordinary, but it is EXTRAordinary!

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2 Responses to Traditional third verse: My favorite things

  1. Cutzi says:

    I am especially intrigued by the hoses. Gonna have to check them out – especially since they’re 3 min. from my house. Thanks for the info.

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