Don’t Pick All the Flowers – Amber Darland

Music is in my blood.  It is my muse and my inspiration.  It is on when I drive and when I clean the house.  It runs through my head in a constant reel of flashbacks and random melodies.  Beckett and I have even been known to shimmy and shake in front of the mirror to a good bit of Raffi and each evening we sing the alternative verses to favorite songs.  My memory of lyrics varies between spot-on, miraculous (oh, yes, I can sing the ENTIRE score of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast) to deafeningly, pathetic interpretations of the classic version.

A few weeks ago I mentioned an artist that I heard at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market, Amber Darland.   That Saturday afternoon, I came home and promptly purchased her newest album, Truce, and it has been playing on repeat from our speakers for the past four weeks.  The melodies are hypnotic and the combination of her voice and the instrumentals are perfection.  And, guess what?  I have “learned” all the words for all the songs and can be observed singing along round the clock.

My husband is quick to compliment me and assure of me of my greatness, but rarely misses an opportunity to bring me back down to reality.  So, a few weeks ago when I was swooping through the house and singing to Amber, he couldn’t help but point out the horrendous impression I was doing and the butchered lyrics that I was spouting.  I ashamedly admit that I was hacking away at the song and completely, blindfoldedly missing the profound wisdom.

The song inflects a bit of sage advice and the message is beautifully clear.  The tune is truly mesmerizing and the vocals are sweet and simple.

Please listen to the song.  Read the lyrics (Amber’s, not mine).  And, support Amber if you are so inclined.

Click here to find the song and others from the album.  Go to “audio” and find “Don’t Pick All the Flowers”.  You can purchase her album from her website ( and/or iTunes.

Turns out the lyrics aren’t “roo-ta-doo”, but are “rooted deep in the ground”.  Who’d have thunk it?

Don’t Pick All the Flowers by Amber Darland

today a stream flows

right through your back yard

tonight an owl soars

through the red wood

today the sky screams blue

drawing lines around this city and

tonight raindrops fall

for the seeds that are waiting


the children play outside

the sun warms their bodies

just the right amount of cold

for the winter we are nearing

ice caps chip away in the arctic

and we don’t care

we’re a million miles away from admitting

something’s happening here


don’t pick all the flowers

you’d better leave some

’cause tomorrow may bring

a day that we need some

rooted deep in the ground

the earthworm without a sound

will thank you for the thought


today flood plains stretch out wide

to cradle high mountain peaks

through valleys rivers run

clear and swiftly to the sea

today nature bares to blossom

not a minute too soon and

tonight sky glows a ring around the moon


sand sifts easily

through fingers so time goes

suburban sprawls and old growth hauled and no one seems to know

the damage done how far we’ve gone

what’s left for us

and in the end for all the others

will there be enough


don’t pick all the flowers

you’d better leave some

’cause tomorrow may bring

a day that we need some

rooted deep in the ground

the earthworm without a sound

will thank you for the thought

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