A little check-up

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine sent me a health and welfare check (as my mom calls it). The note was filled with praise for the blog and the project that we are tackling, but it was primarily an inquiry into how we were doing. She wasn’t talking about how I was that day or how was work was going and if we had enjoyed Jacob’s birthday. She was after the bigger picture – how was this project affecting us? “Us” as a family. “Me” as an individual. What changes had taken place in our lives and how were we adapting. Big questions. Important questions.

So, here’s the check up.
A little one on a hundred between you all and me.

This project and our decisions that began on January 1, 2010 have been nothing short of amazing and life-changing. It is an unusual dichotomy; intensely personal and trendy on a global scale at the same time.

Life has thrown us some major curveballs during the last five months and during the upheavals and grandious shifts I was worried that my determination and focus would waver. Instead of losing my grasp and concentration – I clung to the project like a child’s security blanket. It offered a much needed lifeline. On days when hope seemed to have waned, my relationship with home, family and food provided the ebb. I may not know what tomorrow holds or how the future will play out, but I AM sure of a lot.

I know that my fridge is stocked with food that is nutritious and free of chemicals.
I know that I will enjoy a nightly home-cooked dinner in the company of my two favorite people.
I know that my daughter can eat crackers off the kitchen floor (yes, I do tell her “no”, but she usually does it anyways) and all she is consuming is a cracker – not cleaning agents or harmful substances.
I know that the section of the landfill tagged “FERRY FAMILY” has less being added to it.
I know that my waistline is shrinking and my body is operating at “almost” optimum efficiency (a little more exercise would do the body good!).
I know that I appreciate the bounty of in-season produce and eagerly anticipate the taste of a July strawberry.
I know that I am healthy.

Health can be measured in so many different ways and defined by a multitude of characteristics. My health takes a round about tour, but is defined primarily by my happiness and that of my family, leading into the hinge of my inner well-being and chakra and that is directly related to my surroundings and environment. I am actively changing what I can and bringing peace into my life – bit by bit, conversation by chit chat, bowl of food by drink of milk, slow but sure. These changes have had an immense impact on my “health” and my family’s “health” – however it’s measured.

Here is how "joy" is measured: every moment with this darling.

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