The loose ends…

Beckett is turning into a major chatterbox and has quite the vocabulary going. She is also turning into a spot-on mimic and has been known to repeat less than desirable phrases she hears from adults. I particularly enjoy her use of adult phrases that are situation appropriate and one of my absolute favorites is her response to “hang on”. If you say, “Beckett, hang on”, she quips with an airy “Hangin’”. The phrase combines perfect pronunciation, context and intonation. It is quite possibly one of the cutest ever known to humankind.

Don’t leave me hangin’…

Over the past few weeks I have posted some things that left you hangin’. I wanted to tie up the loose ends and keep you up to date on what’s going on.

From “damnit it’s daycare” to “sweet serenity ”
The biggest change of late has been the switch to full-time daycare for Beckett. When Jacob went back last week, we were left with only one option for daycare and confronting a major bind. Everything about the center was ideal and a great fit, but the major hurdles holding us back were the lack of support for cloth diapers and a menu of food that was not organic and/or local. But, we swallowed the pill and went ahead.

I cannot put words together that fully express my level of happiness when I picked Beckett up that first day. All the pieces had managed to come together. I was greeted with a child that didn’t want to leave and a teacher of immeasurable kindness, capability and caring.

Her teacher acknowledged our desire to have Beckett stay in cloth diapers and said that she was totally willing to work with us. It was easy to do and just involves having a stockpile of clean diapers at the ready and a bucket with a plastic liner for me to take home each day.

But, this was just the sundae. The cherry and whipped cream on top was the center’s willingness to allow us to provide any food for Beckett we wanted her to have. Organic varieties. Local producers. We have found a happy medium and provide the center with the products I am not willing to budge on (example: Beckett’s whole milk or ground beef). And, no more disposable diapers with Beckett’s name filling up the dump.

After you have children, you realize how much of your contentment and harmony are tied up in their well-being and happiness. The daycare situation with Beckett has brought our family peace and stability and for that I am deeply grateful.

O’ where art thou dear Raisin Bran?
The letter to Costco went out last week kindly asking them to bring back one of our favorite cereals: Kirkland Signature Organic Raisin Bran. Tuesday night the phone rang and I was floored to see the caller-id displaying “Costco Wholesale – Seattle”. Yes, they actually called me back within a week of the letter being dropped sent snail mail. The woman’s customer service was impeccable and she acknowledged our family’s choice to purchase organic products.

But, long story short: the product is not coming back. It’s gone F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Basically, Costco follows the basic model of supply and demand and stocks their shelves with the products that their customers purchase. And, the customers sent the message they didn’t want to pay ten-percent more for the organic variety. Unfortunately, Costco made a reasonable decision based on the bottom line. I cannot blame them as a company and it would be unproductive to aim my frustration at the consumers who are choosing non-organic, big-brand over organic, so this issue has been shelved. I have talked, vented and even bemoaned the loss, but what’s done is done. Oh well… Sayonara sweet, delicious, all-natural Organic Raisin Bran.

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4 Responses to The loose ends…

  1. Carol says:

    On the raisin bran front, I found a good substitute at Fred Meyer. It is Cascade Farms Organic Raisin bran, the cost is not comparable but the taste is.
    Congrats on finding a terrific place for little B.

  2. sacredbee says:

    Thanks for the tip on the raisin bran. I am sure the price doesn’t compare – but I’ll give it a whirl. 🙂

  3. Kristen Van Sickle says:

    Did you ask the Costco lady if she could see what area Costco’s might have some of the Organic raisin bran still on their shelf & if they could ship it to you so you can at least have a few more enjoyable happy cost effective breakfasts?? Costco does amazing things for it’s members, maybe they would do this for you? Can’t hurt to ask right?

    • sacredbee says:

      I did ask this, but there is literally no more. I guess they stopped making it quite a while ago, but the shelves are finally running empty… I was thinking desperate, too and was hoping to get some shipped (maybe a lifetime supply!?), but no luck…

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