Road Trip! Best friends, Bob & Bread

Good things seem to always come in threes.  We recently took a road trip to visit our dear friend, Riccanne, in Portland.  (If you don’t get the name – check out my blog “All in the Family”.)  The drive takes about four and a half hours on a good day and we decided that Beckett could manage that.  Stop-overs at covered play places and frequent breaks were on the docket, but we were prepared.  The rig was stocked with new, interesting toys and a our soon-to-become-beloved magna-doodle (kudos for being one of the best quiet toys that can entertain for long{-ish in Beckett time} periods).  To put it mildly…the drive didn’t go as planned.  There is simply NO way that we could have planned for a ten-hour drive with six hours spent in a bottleneck jam that crawled at under ten miles per hour.  By the time we cleared Olympia and were out of the traffic, we blasted ahead like we’d been warming up (for seven hours, mind you!) for the shotgun start.  Forget stops – you can entertain yourself in the car.  Forget potty break – hold it or borrow one of Beckett’s diapers.  Forget stretching – fight through the crazy legs.  We were hardcore – this was a freakin’ family road trip.

By the time we made it to Riccanne’s house, we were a little worse for wear and on the grumpy side, but we’d made it.  We had a weekend full of adventures planned… first stop for the next day, breakfast at Bob’s Red Mill in Milwaukie, Oregon.

It's looked just like what I imagined

There is even a working water wheel - a.k.a. "toddler entertainment"

A slight detour for you… I have said it before, but I can’t emphasize it enough.  I luh-uh-uhve bread.  And, with this addiction, comes an insatiable desire to eat breakfast three meals a day.  Pancakes, waffles, French toast, scrambled eggs, knot holes all fall into this category.  The possibilities are endless.  So, suffice to say – Bob’s Red Mill is right up my alley.

The Ferry family has been longtime fans of Bob’s Red Mill’s products and our cupboards are customarily stocked with the Steel Cut Oats, Wheat Germ and Bran.  I couldn’t fathom what the actual store might have to offer and my heart skipped a beat just thinking about the possibility of eating a breakfast made from ONLY Bob’s Red Mill products.  Imagine my delight when we walked in the front and there were literally a dozen aisles stocked full of Bob’s Red Mill goods.  Everything my heart desired.  Organic Steel Cut Oats in bulk.  Spice Apple Bran muffin mix (to die for delicious!).  Organic Creamy White Wheat Farina (think Cream of Wheat) stocked in big bags.  Split Pea soup mix for dinners in a pinch.  Coconut Granola available by the scoop.  Once I was done shopping, I meandered over to our table and enjoyed a down home, all natural breakfast.

Beckett chowing down to some homemade Bob's grub

In addition to having a family-friendly, affordable restaurant and a store stocked with hundreds items, Bob’s Red Mill is a really nifty company.  They are local to the Pacific Northwest and centered in Milkwaukie, Oregon (about ten minutes outside Portland). The product line is extensive and includes an enormous selection of gluten-free options and organic varieties.  The company also practices what they preach.  Bob Moore, the owner and founder, recently announced that he was turning over ownership of the company (which net an annual revenue of $20 million last year) to the employees.  All of the grains, cereals and flours are ground between stones in a time-honored, old-fashioned method that ensures the quality and attributes of the grain remain intact and wholesome.

Aisle upon aisle of organic grains and old-fashioned products

One stop down, one more to go and it’s just across the street…

Dave’s Killer Bread is a pretty darn cool company that we recently fell in love with.  Two of their products are sold at our local Costco in Bellingham, Sin Dawg and Good Seed Bread, and snatched them up the second we saw local to the Pacific Northwest and Organic.  When we left Bob’s Red Mill, we welcomed the opportunity to swing into the Dave’s Killer Bread store and pick up some newbies and chat with the staff.  Have you ever picked up a loaf of bread that is coated with seeds and other nutty morsels, but when you take a bite, you find yourself chewing on dry, crumbly, intensely flavored mash?  Have no fear – Dave’s Killer Bread is here.  And it’s incredible.  The Good Seed Bread is loaded to the top with delicious seeds including flax, sunflower and sesame and then rolled in the same mixture.  The body is a soft pillow of whole-wheat flour mixed with steel cut oats.  If you are craving a “healthy” dessert that satisfies your sweet tooth and doesn’t bust your gut at the same time – Sin Dawg is for you.  It is a scrumptious cinnamon filled log that boasts 100% whole-wheat flour, raisins and a similar seed mixture to the Good Seed Bread.  So, if you have sworn off seeded bread or whole-wheat desserts, take another gander.  Check out Dave’s Killer Bread – I promise on my heart of hearts that you won’t be disappointed.

The story behind Dave’s Killer Bread is one of hope and inspiration.  The owner, Dave Dahl, spent 15 years behind bars battling a drug addiction that led to a slew of armed robberies and drug deals.  After being released from prison, Dave relied on old family traditions, siblings and began perfecting his bread.  And, to top it off, the bread is packaged in oxi-biodegradable plastic – meaning that it will biodegrade in 18-months under the right conditions leaving no hazardous by-products behind.  The packaging just rounds out an amazing product!

So, if you are in the Portland area and looking for good grub – stop by Bob’s Red Mill.  You won’t be disappointed.  But, don’t forget about Dave either.  Tell him the Sacred Bee said “hello.”

Best friends, Bread and Bob – good things really do come in threes.

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4 Responses to Road Trip! Best friends, Bob & Bread

  1. I wish I had known you were going—I’d have given you a list!

  2. Kristen Van Sickle says:

    I think that the next time you come to CA, you should bring samples of all your yummy adventures in bread. I am a bread-a-holic and your posts are making me drool! What a fun road trip! that traffic down 5 can be a drag when there is an accident! Ugh! Been there, done that…but never with a baby! (and such a cute baby at that!)

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