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Admission of a wannabe homemaker

I am about to let you in on a deep, dark secret. Shhh…. One of my greatest hopes for my family is to become self-sufficient and live partially “off the grid”. I say this with cautious trepidation, because my husband’s … Continue reading

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The Scoop-de-doop: Pike’s Place Market

Heading down to Seattle anytime soon? Need a fix of a farmer’s market? Well, look no further than Pike’s Place Market.  The every popular, uber-cool outdoor market has started their “Farm Days” campaign for summer.  “Farm Days” run on Wednesday, … Continue reading

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Cleaning up a dependency

For the past four weeks I have been thinking about whether or not I should write about the ginormous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  I was initially inclined to keep my mouth shut and not say anything.  I … Continue reading

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Here’s to the sweet smell of a clean floor! Method Squirt & Mop Floor Cleaner (Review & Giveaway)

There is a time honored phrase: “My floor is so clean you can eat off of it.”  But, I am now preaching a new phrase: “My floor smells so good you’ll want to eat off of it.”  Most of you … Continue reading

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Rockin’ Green Detergent Winner!

And, the winner of the Rockin’ Green Detergent is… Drum roll, please… AMANDA FORGIT Congratulations! You must contact me within 72 hours, by Tuesday, May 25th at 8:00pm, or a new name with be drawn.

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Don’t Pick All the Flowers – Amber Darland

Music is in my blood.  It is my muse and my inspiration.  It is on when I drive and when I clean the house.  It runs through my head in a constant reel of flashbacks and random melodies.  Beckett and … Continue reading

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Check these out (literally), please

One of my favorite hobbies is reading.  I enjoy the quiet solitude that diving into a book gives you and the way that you become part of the world inside those pages.  My particular genre of choice is non-fiction, but … Continue reading

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Ten days, schmen days?

I recently wrote about the ten-day interval for checking beehives. In an attempt to avoid a long-winded, rambling, lose-my-readers kind of post, I didn’t cover all the details for WHY ten-day checks are key and what exactly the beekeeper is … Continue reading

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A little check-up

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine sent me a health and welfare check (as my mom calls it). The note was filled with praise for the blog and the project that we are tackling, but it was … Continue reading

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Rockin’ Green Laundry Detergent – You Rock! (Review & Giveaway)

I am blessed to have a husband that doesn’t smell.  Even after a hard day toiling with a shovel in the yard or working on a job site covered in debris and dust, he still smells good.  Before switching Beckett … Continue reading

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