Ask and you shall receive?

Last week I was doing a last minute shopping trip at Costco for TWO items I needed – just TWO.  I snagged the first – two cartons of Organic Orange Juice.  But, I headed to the cereal aisle and scratched my head when I couldn’t find our favorite cereal, Kirkland Signature Organic Raisin Bran.  Had it just moved?  Were they out of stock?  What was the deal?  It was nowhere to be found, but in its old home was a new box: Post Raisin Bran (not organic, I might add!).  Well, my heart sunk when my fears were confirmed by the Costco employee – the Kirkland Organic Raisin Bran had been discontinued and was no longer available.  It had been replaced.

Looks like the only thing I could do was write a letter and that’s just what I did.  Let’s see if the old adage will ring true.

Costco Wholesale
P.O. Box 34331
Seattle, WA 98124

April 26, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in regards to a product that Costco used to carry and recently discontinued.  The Kirkland Signature Organic Raisin Bran was a favorite cereal in our household and we purchased it on a regular basis.  It has recently been pulled from our local, Bellingham, Costco’s shelves and replaced with a name brand, non-organic raisin bran from Post.

I want to fully express my unhappiness and dismay at Costco’s decision to remove a high-quality, affordable, local, ORGANIC product from your line and replace it with a cereal that is laden with artificial sweeteners.  The number three ingredient listed for Post Raisin Bran is corn syrup.  My family has made the personal decision to subscribe to an organic-only diet and we limit our sugar intake to only evaporated cane juice.  Your company is one of the places that I rely on to provide us with top-quality, reasonably priced organic items.

As a family I want to continue to support Costco and use you for my shopping needs, but I cannot advocate your company’s ethics if you succumb to mainstream practices and eliminate organic alternatives.  I am sincerely asking you to bring the Kirkland Signature Organic Raisin Bran back to your product line.  It is my hope that as a company of like-minded individuals, Costco will take the time to consider this decision and once again offer a healthy, organic alternative to big-name, artificially sweetened cereals.

I sincerely appreciate your time and consideration.  Please keep me apprised of your positive move to bring back the Kirkland Signature Organic Raisin Bran.

Thank you kindly,
Kate Ferry

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14 Responses to Ask and you shall receive?

  1. Virginia says:

    Interestingly, you can still buy the product through redistributors. See
    Of course, no way to tell if it will be in stock much longer. Costco can be very responsive. Sure hope you hear back and keep us, uh, “Post”-ed. 🙂

  2. sacredbee says:

    Snap, those prices are expensive through the redistributors… The box was $5.99 at Costco for two bags. I sure hope they bring it back. I’ll be that squeaky wheel…

  3. Domermom says:

    I wrote Costco a letter expressing my disappointment that they would pull their organic raisin bran for a brand I can just buy in a store! Of course, the response I got was the usual “we are always striving to make cost and quality … blah blah blah” … fooey on them for that! We have to drive over an hour to get to a Costco and one of the reasons was because our favorite cereal was the KS Organic raisin bran … well, if they keep pulling this kind of stuff … we’ll just stop going, which makes me sad 😦

  4. Tommy Wilson says:

    Just picked up the Post Raisin Bran from Costco.. it is not the same as the Post sold in supermarkets. The flakes are bigger and do not, for some reason, soften up in milk. But, the raisins have been treated with Glycerin and taste and feel more like raisin jelly than raisins.

    So, it has Kirkland Signature and Post, but at the same time, it tastes like neither.

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  6. Brian says:

    I bought the Post Raisin Bran recently and was dismayed with the product. When it said Post Raisin Bran I thought I was buying the same product I always had in supermarkets my whole life. Totally different!!!!!!!!!! I did not expect this from Cosco.

  7. Roger says:

    I am really disappointed that the Kirkland Raisin Bran is off the shelves at costco.
    I loved it.
    Nothing like it on the market.
    Too Bad!

  8. SunnyinFL says:

    We are devastated, as well! At first, we just thought Costco moved our favorite cereal. Soon, we had this niggling feeling in the pit of our stomach that another of our favorite products had been discontinued. We’ve been searching every Costco in the Central Florida region in hopes of finding a few boxes of Kirkland Raisin Bran… to no avail. This morning, a Costco employee confirmed….it’s a goner! I can’t imagine eating any other raisin bran. They all turn to mush.

  9. Rick says:

    Me Too!!
    I am a big fan of the Kirkland Signature Post Premium Raisin Bran and can not
    believe they discontinued it. I tried the Kellogs they replaced it with this morning
    and it was terrible

  10. Steve Leffler says:

    Ditto, There is no substitute that I have found that is as good as the Kirkland Post Bran

  11. Carew says:

    I too absolutely LOVE Kirkland’s signature raisin bran. It is my favorite cereal!!!!! I have found nothing that compares and Costco has discontinued it before and then brought it back. I was so upset when I realized they had discontinued it again!!!!!!!!! Very upsetting!!!!!!

  12. Gay Autterson says:

    I doubt Costco reads this or any other blog…so, total waste if time but WHERE’s THE DARN POST PREMIUN RAISIN BRAN!!!!!!!! Can’t stomach any other mushy sludge sold ealsewhere!

  13. darjada says:

    i agree i love kirland organic raisin bran please, please, please bring it back it was selling well i will help costco see if need be.

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