My weekly fix

Let me introduce you to the merry-go-round that is me. Get ready for the goat show.

I hate surprises. Let me say that again as my 30th birthday draws near: I HATE SURPRISES. But, I DO love gifts – receiving, giving, exchanging, whatever. The utterance of the words “I got you the best gift today” said by my husband three weeks before Christmas starts of a maelstrom of slow torture for me. I do not like knowing I am getting a gift. So, in effect surprises are better. (This is the circus ride I was talking about…) The anticipation and excitement send my gut into a raucous pot of churning and have probably helped contribute to a handful of sleepness nights.

Well, my latest gut-wrenching, super-exciting, gotta-have-it event was highlighted, circled and just short of bedazzled on the calendar for Saturday, April 3rd. Christmas was coming a little early for me…

What, oh, what was keeping my stomach in knots and anticipation at a level that was approaching boiling?!

The opening day of the Bellingham Farmer’s Market!

The farmer’s market is my darling. Every Saturday between April and November it is open from 10am to 3pm. The BFM stands for everything this project and blog are working towards. A short jaunt from the car and my weekly shopping begins. On my left and right are the organic produce farmers that have everything in season and fresh. Between these booths are the local artisans and restauranteurs selling delightful delicacies and sustenance that makes my stomach growl.

Brilliant green spinach that was picked the day before. Eggs in every color of the rainbow – no Easter dying needed. Bread that dimples under you grasp and peaks above a brown paper cover. Fresh fish tacos on tortillas with a filling of tangy cabbage and plump tomatoes.

The Bellingham Farmer’s Market – or any farmer’s market for that matter – is truly a one-stop-shop for local, fresh, organic and in season.

How many more days till Saturday? That’s the countdown in our house. In June, a second farmer’s market opens in town and the days of tormented waiting and impatience will grow shorter. Oh, my heart swells with delight.

A few of my favorite finds…or, perhaps we can call them my addictions (yes, bread and cheese!)

Pretzels by Ralf’s Bavarian Bakery
Ralf’s Bakery pretzels look the way pretzels should look – ropes as thick as Paul Bunyan’s thumb, cracked brown crust revealing a milky white dough and salt sprinkles that flavor each bite with a punch. Yes, that’s Ralf’s pretzels. I oogle over the display of handmade sandwiches and scrumptious flavored pretzels, but I can’t pull the trigger. The standard pretzel stick calls my name and I answer each time. It is oh so good.

Squeaky Cheese by Golden Glen Creamery
If you had a mouse who liked cheese, this is totally what he’d go for. These morsels are bite-size chunks of cheddar curd. These little hits of rich goodness are a smooth, almost mozzarella-like consistency and beautifully mild flavor. Check these out – that is if I haven’t bought them all on Saturday!

Mixed Greens – Broad Leaf Farm
One of my favorite food to always have in the fridge is a bag full of mixed greens. I can throw them in a makeshift salad, toss them onto tacos, dress up a turkey burger or layer them in egg salad sandwich. Good, fresh mixed greens don’t need any adornment. Salad dressing is optional. Mayonnaise makes for unnecessary calories. Just give me crispy, fresh, flavorful greens. Broad Leaf Farm has answered my prayers. Their mixed greens are organic and affordable and the customer service is impeccable. My fridge will never be lonely.

Oldies, but goodies

If you have read my previous rant about cheese and bread (Bread, Cheese, Bakeries, Oh my!) and are looking for some of the bread from The Breadfarm in Edison, Washington or the cheese from Samish Bay Cheese in Bow, Washington – you can find it at the farmer’s market, too.

Could Beckett be any cuter?! I mean REALLY!

A singer we fell in love with at the market - Amber Darland

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7 Responses to My weekly fix

  1. Cutzi says:

    Ok… several things.

    1. love, Love, LOVE the farmer’s market. You will understand my disappointment when last weekend I was a little late getting the kids out of the house (yes, I am know to take all three to the BFM by myself) and didn’t realize the market closed at 3. I unloaded everyone, got Steele and Adia a cheese pretzel and a pretzel sandwich, stopped for a moment to talk to a friend and was just about to head over to get myself some Ethiopian food…. when they rang the closing bell. Noooooo!!!! So. This weekend. Me and Ethiopian food have a date. Justin can come if he wants to….if he’s able to get his rear out the door on time.

    2. I am the EXACT same way about gifts. Love getting them, giving them, making them, buying them. Cannot wait to get my pretty little hands on them. One year when I was a child I peeked at all my Christmas gifts. To this day when I tell the story and people ask if I was disappointed I say, “No.” Waiting was too torturous for me.

    And finally….

    3. Yes indeed! That little Beckett is adorable! I can really see Jacob in her in that picture. Cutie pie.

    • sacredbee says:

      You make me laugh. I don’t feel like I have enough arms for one child – let alone THREE! I look forward to the market every week. And, I hate to admit it, but we are leaving for Vegas to celebrate Jacob’s 30th Birthday this weekend and I am sad…sad I am going to miss the market!

  2. Jenny says:

    Issaquah Farmers Market opened a few weeks ago too! YAY!! Now for the anticipation of tomato season. 🙂
    AND I will be traveling back to our old neighborhood in VA this summer for a week and one of the days I will be there is farmers market day!! Hooray!!! Blue Ridge Dairy, I am coming for your wonderful fresh honey yogurt! Save me two tubs in fact! I can’t wait!!

  3. abloggersman says:

    My fave thing to do with my girls every week. Look forward to it all week!

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