All in the family

We are a family of four – Beckett, Jacob, Tucker and me – and this project is a family affair. A few months ago I posted a blog entry (Organic Dog Food – Really?!) about the switch to organic dog food for Tucker. Anyone who has met Tucker can attest to his genuine place in our family. He is one of us. He vacations with us. His grandparents are our parents, his aunts and uncles are our family and friends. The list of desirable doggy friends and potential sitters is lengthy and distinguished.

One of Tucker’s favorite people in his whole, wide doggy world is my best friend, Riccanne. Different name, huh? Don’t ask – her Grandma’s name is Blenda! The name fits her and we like her because of it. She is my closest friend, a true kindred spirit. But, we live too many miles away to ensure regular visits and reminiscing in person, so our friendship stays connected via regular emails, spontaneous phone calls and our trusty social networking website, Facebook.

And, Riccanne’s devotion to Tucker is on par with our friendship. Regular care packages arrive addressed to “Tucker Ferry” and often smell suspiciously like peanut butter flavored treats and annoying squeakers. Tucker has a sixth sense about these packages and waits with unbridled anticipation for the package to be opened and his beloved new goodie to be hand-delivered to his mouth.

This week Tucker struck gold. A new eco-friendly plush bear made by Booda ( arrived! As soon as the tape was ripped off, I snagged my camera and began snapping away like a photographer at a high-fashion magazine shoot, Beckett screamed with delight and identified the newcomer as a “beeyar” and Tucker squealed, riggled and piddled a little. Jackpot!

I love seeing my children happy and satisfied. It brings me great joy and contentment. But, I am overwhelmed by a sense of pride for spreading my word. A dear friend took the time to find a special toy for our favorite puppy and in turn supported an eco-friendly cause. The stone got dropped in the Ferry household, but its ripples are beginning to reverberate far and wide.

Say "hello" to Mr. Bear

What makes Mr. Bear special?
Booda’s Eco-Plush line of toys are filled with 100% recycled stuffing and stitched with natural wool on the outside.

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3 Responses to All in the family

  1. Riccanne says:

    Aw, shucks! Kate, you are my best friend too. I am so glad Tucker liked his new toy. I have to give credit to Nick, he brought a whole bunch of the toys home for our dogs. I thought you would like the fact that it was eco-friendly, so I snagged one for Tucker.

  2. abloggersman says:

    Thanks Riccanne. Anyone who looks out for Tucker is a lifelong friend. You’re the best!

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