OOO! What’s in the Easter basket?

Geez!  We are almost a week past Easter and I am still writing about it?!  I guess that I would be stating the obvious if I told you that I liked Easter.  It is true that I do love the holiday and I prepare baskets with a gusto that can be measured by expanded waistbands, sugar highs and depleted wallets.  But, 2010 is a new year and there is no more over-abundance, artificially colored candies and cheap, imitation chocolate.  The Easter basket I dreamed of was eco-friendly, sustainable and local.

Well, fear not.  The Easter bunny brought Beckett a basket of goodies that fulfilled my earthly imaginings and showcased a dash of creativity.

So, what was in the basket?

Lookie, lookie - here's the Easter basket!

Little Red Hen by J.P. Millerpurchased at Tiger Toys in Bellingham, Washington

Books have been an important part of Beckett’s life since she was twinkle in our eyes.  Each check-up during my pregnancy with my obstetrician was finished with a trip to the bookstore to pick up a classic children’s book.  These books reside on a jam-packed shelf in her room and are marked with the date that we purchased them – 25 weeks, 38 weeks… You don’t often see a toddler sit down for extended periods of time, but Beckett is a reader.  During a quiet playtime she can be found sitting on the floor of her room with a dozen books fanned out in front of her and “reading” to her baby doll and Lion.  Easter was the perfect time to continue our book tradition and instill the love of reading.

Rolling Duck by Imagiplaypurchased at Fairhaven Toy Garden in Bellingham, Washington

The Easter basket wouldn’t be complete without a classic animal – be it a duck, bunny rabbit or chick.  Well, this toy fulfilled that requirement.  The duck is a roll along design that works with Beckett’s insatiable desire to move and is refreshingly earth-friendly. Imagiplay has designed and produced this darling toy.  It is made of rubberwood and detailed with non-toxic paint.  Rubber trees provide the sap that is used to make latex and the leftover hardwood is often discarded.  Imagiplay takes this eco-friendly hardwood and makes high-quality toys!

Needle Felted Eggs by Kate Ferry – wool supplies purchased at NW Handspun Yarns in Bellingham, Washington

Oh, the skills that you didn’t know I had!  Last year, I became addicted to needle felting and outdid myself at Christmas with a collection of needle felted ornaments and toys that adorn many a tree and home.  Beckett’s Easter basket was the perfect home for my leftover scraps of wool and a set of pastel balls.  We can’t convince Beckett that they are eggs.  She is thinking narrowly literal and since they cannot be scrambled and look nothing like the chicken eggs in the fridge – they are balls.

Easter was the first holiday hurdle that involved this project and my blog.  The final product was a perfect blend of memories, traditions, eco-friendly and homemade gifts from local artisans (myself!) and companies.  Here’s to a virtual pat on the back for the Easter bunny!

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2 Responses to OOO! What’s in the Easter basket?

  1. Jenny says:

    How fun! I would love to learn how to needle felt one day..and do silk embroidery…and oh so much more. 🙂 This weekend, though, I’m excited to be participating in the fabric purge in Seattle. I’m selling over 100 yds of cotton fabrics as well as other misc. patterns and stencils. It feels good to clean out the old and underappreciated to make way for the new. 😉

  2. Barb D.V. says:

    Would love to try the polish remover!! Will order some soon.

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