Sloppy Jakes: Au Natural

When I was a child “dessert” for me was a cup of plain yogurt and granola.   No, I wasn’t raised in a convent.  But, I was raised by vegetarians and their eating habits inadvertently rubbed off on me.  My earliest food memories are of eating a rainbow of fresh vegetables, eggs prepared all different ways and fish – lots of fish.  I don’t remember ever eating beef until I started dating my meat-and-potatoes preaching husband.  And, I have never eaten a steak.  Prime rib makes me gag.  And, the smell of raw red meat makes me swoon with nausea.

Well, I married a red-meat man and he could eat beef every night of the week.  A happy marriage is built on a common middle ground and ours is ground turkey.  But, don’t you worry – I don’t deprive Jacob of all red meat.  Summers are spent with a single steak on the grill and a smorgasbord of fresh vegetables.  I just compensate by eating only vegetables – no meat for me.

But, let’s rewind…

Three years ago I had my first Sloppy Joe.  Yes, you read me right.  Statements like that usually ellicit shock and slack-jawed expressions from people who don’t know me, but they are blasé announcements for my in-laws and my husband.  It’s just Kate being Kate.  Well, I fell in love.  A long-lived fetish with Sloppy Joe’s began the first time I bit into a soft white, enriched bread roll loaded to the brim with ground beef (yes, you read it right again!) that had been sautéed in a divine sauce from the can.  Sloppy Joes became a quick go-to staple dinner in our house.  At least that was until I started reading the ingredients on the can….

We missed our friend, Sloppy Joe…

I searched long and far for a relatively healthy can of mix (literally – I went to Whole Foods in Seattle!) to no avail.  It looked like an old-fashioned, make it from scratch recipe was in our future and I began perusing the internet for a good one.  And, here it is.

Sloppy Joe Recipe courtesy of Food Network Kitchens

This week the Ferry family enjoyed homemade Sloppy Jake’s (I had to change the name) on whole wheat, fresh rolls from a local bakery, Avenue Bread.  We used ground turkey instead of beef and all organic ingredients.  I have to say that they were absolutely delicious.  The only fat in the recipe was 2 tablespoons of oil and the turkey meat (which is about 98% lean).  I am so happy to have my dear friend back.

Quick tip: Don’t ask my husband to cut up the vegetables unless you want chunks.  The slop would much smoother and more cohesive if they were “diced”.

After leaning back with full tummies, Jacob and I made a note to keep this one on the fridge.  I even suggested possibly putting shredded carrots or spinach in the next time.   To say that Jacob was not enthused about the idea would be putting it lightly.  I might eat meat, but you’ll never take the vegetarian out of me.

The Final Product: Sloppy Jakes

Yum! Yum! Getting ready for a big bite!

Beckett's reaction to the "Sloppy Jakes"

Hunt’s Manwich Ingredients – Eek!

Tomato Puree (Water, Tomato Paste), High Fructose Corn Syrup, Distilled Vinegar, Corn Syrup, Less than 2% of: Salt, Sugar, Dehydrated Onions, Dehydrated Red and Green Bell Peppers, Chile Pepper, Tomato Fiber, Spices, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum, Dehydrated Garlic, Carob Bean Gum, Natural Flavors.

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5 Responses to Sloppy Jakes: Au Natural

  1. Virginia says:

    Funny timing. Check out this article in The New York Times about people documenting their meals in photo-diaries.

  2. Kay Adams says:

    I just love your blog. You should have some of your topics published in a magazine.
    Your topics a wonderful. Keep up the good work. I will definately try your “Sloppy Jakes” yum!
    Love to you all, Kay

    • sacredbee says:

      Hi Kay –

      I am so happy to hear you are enjoying the blog. I am having a wonderful time and I am so proud of what we have been able to accomplish thus far. Thank you for keeping track of us and following our story. I am hoping to find that “break” and be able to make money doing what I love – parenting Beckett, writing, researching and blogging. Take care –


  3. Carrie says:

    Kate – I use ground turkey and shredded carrot. We call them Sloppy Janes. 🙂 Everyone in my house loves them.

    Love reading your blogs.

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