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A new arrival…My BEES!!

Yes, you read the headline correct – the Ferry Family has a new arrival.  My bees have arrived!  On Monday, Beckett and I drove down to Burlington (about 30 miles away) and picked up two boxes of honeybees.  They are … Continue reading

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Ask and you shall receive?

Last week I was doing a last minute shopping trip at Costco for TWO items I needed – just TWO.  I snagged the first – two cartons of Organic Orange Juice.  But, I headed to the cereal aisle and scratched … Continue reading

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A guilty pleasure

I have a serious confession to make.  My heart is heavy.  This past weekend Jacob and I took our first vacation away from Beckett.  Please, take a deep breath before you read the next sentence… We headed to Las Vegas.  … Continue reading

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Everybody check it out – we have the winner for the incredible set of 10 Seventh Generation Cleaning Products! Drum roll, please… The winner is: Virginia T. Congratulations! Please follow the directions for contact and send me your mailing address … Continue reading

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My O’Bon – Think outside the box (Review & Giveaway)

One of the aspects of the project that I am most enjoying is the ingenuity of companies. When given the obstacle of obtaining alternate resources and utilizing sustainable, eco-friendly methods, companies and individuals come up with inventive products. I am … Continue reading

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It’s April 22nd – Happy Earth Day!

What Earth Day means to me: Today is a day to celebrate this wonderful planet that we live on. Today is a day to remember the impact that each one of us has on the environment and the changes that … Continue reading

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My weekly fix

Let me introduce you to the merry-go-round that is me. Get ready for the goat show. I hate surprises. Let me say that again as my 30th birthday draws near: I HATE SURPRISES. But, I DO love gifts – receiving, … Continue reading

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Karma Organic REDRAW

Well, looks like we needed to do a redraw on the Karma Organic Celebration Red Nail Polish.  Seventy-two hours ticked away with no response. So, one more drum roll, please… The winner is: DEB S. Congratulations!

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A debacle of sorts

The rock and hard place are squeezing me tight. My dear husband has been called back to work and starts next week {Yay!}.  So, after over two months of unemployment paychecks we move back into the realm of real dollars … Continue reading

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Powered by Clean Well ~ Seventh Generation (Review & Giveaway)

I like cleaning.  Well, let me rephrase that.  I like a clean house.  If it cleaned itself, I’d really like cleaning. Therapy comes in many different forms and I find solace and healing in both cleaning and gardening.  I like … Continue reading

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