A confession of mourning

I hate change.  I mean I REALLY hate change.  I can’t emphasize that enough – I HATE CHANGE.  Good change, bad change.  Any change.  I used to wrestle with butterflies in my stomach for weeks before my high school class schedule changed at the semester.  I become nauseous with anticipation and the fear of the unknown at the mere thought of possibly changing positions at my current job.  A career change would certainly send me into a major tizzy.  And, a dinner out with acquaintances ensures sweaty palms and stuttered words for hours before the event.  I am peachy keen once I am sitting at the table and truly enjoy myself and our company.  The personal battle I face even applies to good changes – vacations, purchasing our first home, having a baby.  Don’t get me wrong – I usually like the change after it takes place, it’s just the buildup and transition period that nearly does me in.

So, please keep this in mind as you read on….

The Ferry Family made an enormous change this past weekend.  We traded in our 2007 Toyota Tundra and purchased a 2007 Toyota Prius.  I know what you are thinking, “Wow! They are taking this blog thing really seriously.  Talk about reducing your carbon footprint!”.  And, yes, we are taking this seriously.

But, taking this blog out of the equation, the two pieces of logic called “dollar signs” and “practicality” are really what influenced us greatly.  Between gas savings and the loan payment on the truck, we will be saving a minimum of $250 per month.  That’s a BIG amount.  And, kid friendliness was not a word that agreed well with the truck.  It was not a family vehicle and was not practical for carting around Beckett, her hundred pounds of gear, an eighty-five pound Tucker, two adults, a full load of groceries from Costco and a partridge in a pear tree.

Yes, logic makes sense.  Yes, the dollars make sense.  Yes, fulfilling our family’s needs better makes sense.

But, I am still typing this blog entry through teary, blood-shot eyes and sniffling as I click away on the keyboard.

I loved my truck.  She was MY truck.  Not Jacob’s.  Mine.  She was a beautiful candy apple red and her license plate said KATYDID – for me.  She had a cherry red, Hawaiian trash bag that hung from the back of the passenger seat.  Her back window was decorated with a pair of glittery ruby flip-flops.  She was mine.

I was the one that put the 20,000 miles per year on her (see where the gas savings are gonna come in?!).   Her 381-horse power engine rumbled each time I pressed that accelerator.  I made an entrance.  I could back her into a parking spot with my eyes closed and pull her into our garage with centimeters to spare on all four sides.  This was the truck that took our daughter home from the hospital and that I painfully climbed my way into after the c-section.  She was my red truck.  My Tessie the Tundra.

So, as I sat in the Prius at the Toyota dealership on Saturday and prepared to drive home, tears streamed down my face.  I was a snot-faced, blubbering, rambling bunch of emotions.  But, in my heart, I know that this change is good.  Not for the blog.  Or for Toyota’s sales figures.  But, for me and for my family.  It is a huge change for me and I know that this too shall pass.

Pippen the Prius is here to stay.

Rest In Peace
Tessie the Tundra
April 2007-March 2010

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7 Responses to A confession of mourning

  1. Virginia says:

    We do indeed get attached to our vehicles! I sure hope you’ll keep the KATYDID license plate and put it on the Prius!

  2. abloggersman says:

    R.I.P., Tessie. You served us well. But I think I’ll be smiling when gas prices are back up to 4 bucks a gallon this summer.

  3. Virginia says:

    I think the Prius deserves a pic! It’s your new home on wheels!

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