Let’s Talk Poop!

Six weeks ago the Ferry family Beckett and I made our biggest change so far – We switched from disposable diapers to cloth diapers.  My inner struggle with cloth diapers dates back to the beginning of my pregnancy with Beckett and has been long and arduous.  In my perfect cloth diaper world I was searching for a diaper like my mom used to use – the simple rectangle pre-fold that is thick down the center and makes a wonderful rag.  But, I wouldn’t be happy without a snazzy, fashionable cover, too.  When I searched the internet and local stores – the options were endless, but I was left feeling defeated.  The liner pre-folds were fancy, synthetic fabrics that were custom fit for the covers and expensive.  Bookoo bucks!  Now, being an irrational, first time pregnant woman, I should have calculated that disposable diapers would be more expensive over time.  But, I wasn’t thinking clearly.  So, I said no to $300 starter sets and with a slightly downturned frown, I bid the possibility of cloth diapers adieu.

I knew that when I started on this project and my blog chronicle, I would be faced with the dilemma of cloth diapers again.  So, on January 1st, I adamantly nodded and assured my husband that disposables were here to stay and we weren’t going that green…

But, fate took a turn and I realized that with our recycling changes we were eliminating or redirecting vast quantities of waste.  We have literally reduced our impact on the environment by more than half with our changes in garbage disposal. (see Seriously, Deliriously Recycling for more info)

And, around this same time, I found my new lifeline and compadre – Sara Arrigoni at Mothering Grace in Kent, Washington.  Her company offers a package called “Cloth on the Cheap” for $55.  It is the perfect starter set and I was sold.  We used to spend about $35 a month on disposables and the way my logic worked: it was a little over one month’s investment.  If we didn’t like them after six weeks – we weren’t out any money and could just go back to disposables.  Bonus: I was supporting a local, mom and pop company right here in the Pacific Northwest.  Unbeknownst Bonus: Sara would become an invaluable resource, day or night, to answer my endless questions and ease my unfounded worries.

I pulled the trigger, much to the initial dissatisfaction of Jacob who was still focused on my commitment to disposables that I voiced in January, and ordered our starter set.  The set contains a dozen pre-fold inserts (the simple, old school, rectangle rags I had been searching for) and three waterproof covers by Thirsties.  There are two things to say about Thirsties – they work, work, work, and they are adorable!  The Thirsties cover features a double gusset and hold in all that stuff you want to say in the diaper, but lets your child’s butt breathe, too.  And, the colors are really cute – meadow, honeydew, mango, storm cloud – you almost forget you are talking about things that hold poop!  The inserts are unbleached cotton from India and are simple, practical and affordable (one dozen costs $17.50).

And, I can’t say thank you enough to Sara at Mothering Grace.  It was beyond wonderful to speak to a real person, a mother of an 18-month old, too.  Her phone number has practically been on redial and she even has a “nickname” in my email contacts, but her expertise and friendly willingness to help have been precious.  I have found a friend in Sara and a lifelong resource for cloth diapers.

Well, in an effort to state the obvious, I fell in love with cloth diapers. Beckett didn’t bat an eye and seems to be smiling about the cute covers.  Jacob is a little tougher and gets tired of cleaning poopy diapers in the toilet (he holds the unlucky record of six in ONE day!), but has been a trooper and only complains quietly to Tucker.  Our total investment is now around $100, but we are set for the future.  No more disposables.  Cloth diapers are here to stay…

A good view of Beckett's diaper and showing off her balance at the same time!

A cutie patootie giving a "smile" for the camera!

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