The way to my heart…

Men like to complain about women being hard to read and figure out.  My husband is notorious for saying “Just tell me what you want – in plain English, not woman talk”.  So, I am telling you all –  Jacob and my devoted blog readers.

The way to my heart is simple.  Love my daughter and treat her well and you are golden.  Hook, line, sinker.  (That’s the non-woman talk – no details, nothing.  If you want more details and woman talk – keep reading).  My mommy meanness and death glare come out when an adult doesn’t return Beckett’s infectious smile in the store or neglects to wave as she adoringly says “buh-bye” with her sunshine voice.

I have always liked the Co-Op in Bellingham.  The carrot cake* that their in house bakery, Swan Cafe, makes is to die for!  And, the shelves are filled with oodles of local products.  But, after this last weekend, I truly love the Co-Op.

Patience, the transition is coming…

The whole family, including Grandpa Bruce, went grocery shopping this past weekend and after eating a ridiculously large breakfast, Beckett suddenly became ravenously  hungry the second we entered the produce section.  This seems to be her standard reaction upon the sighting of food.  She immediately spotted “appulls” (one of the words she says incredibly well!) and began repeating it at full volume.   The appull chant continued until Grandpa reached for an organic Granny Smith.  Beckett responded with an emphatic shake of the head and a definitive point to the organic golden red Braeburn appulls.  So, Grandpa snagged the enormous appull and Beckett immediately began chowing down.  And, eating she did.  She silently ate that entire apple for almost an hour and when we approached the checkout, all that was left was a nubby core with the seeds beginning to show.

Maybe you are wondering how we were planning on paying for a food that is measured by weight when 90% of it was gone?!  I don’t know – that hadn’t crossed my mind when I was placating my hungry daughter.  Well, upon mentioning the eaten apple and our need to pay for it – the checker kindly smiled at Beckett and said “It’s her to enjoy!  No charge.”.  Can you believe that?  In today’s day and age where newspaper headlines shout of vicious crimes and horrible acts of violence, a stranger gave my daughter a gift.  And, in a society where selfish behavior is overlooked and survival of the fittest is the way of life, a child learned that there is kindness in others and goodness in honesty.

Thank you Marc for teaching my daughter an early lesson in life.  I sincerely appreciate your graciousness and you made our day.  There truly are wonderful people in this world.

*Gluten laden and Gluten-free versions

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2 Responses to The way to my heart…

  1. Julie says:

    Oh. Thanks! A good reminder, but I’m still doing the Lucky Charms thing on St. Patty’s Day. Temporary diabetes here I come. Popping over from the Natural Mommie links. 🙂

    • sacredbee says:

      Thanks for visiting! I am glad I got someone new – I’ll check out your blog. I like the name already. 🙂 Yes, Lucky Charms is a good one – I think that would be hard to say goodbye to. I guess it’s all about moderation – right?

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