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A shrinking violet

I am non-confrontational by nature.  Just the thought of an argument or disagreement sends shivers down my spine.  Raised voices and hostile utterances give me the heeby jeebies.  In some aspects of my life it is to my benefit to … Continue reading

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Second verse, different than the first

I was born a singer.  I love to sing – in the shower, gardening in the yard, driving to work.  It doesn’t matter when or where – I am singing.  But, my husband has a saying: “God gave you the … Continue reading

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Don’t break the bank! We’re just buying chicken

There are a few foods that I am struggling to find the organic variety of.  The first is grapes.  I’m not talking fancy; just your classic, red, seedless globe grapes.  These used to be a staple in our house and … Continue reading

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OMG! Spicy Peanut Chicken

If I had been a queen in ancient Greece, I would not have had people filling my wine glass or dropping delicious olives into my mouth.  They would have been refilling bowls with ladle upon ladle of Thai peanut sauce.  … Continue reading

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Let’s rethink it…

I am beginning to think that this blog is kind of a constant stream of my mind’s thoughts, however random and recklessly strewn they may be.  I was reviewing a blog post from February entitled Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse and … Continue reading

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Their eyes are watching me

Sometimes I get grand ideas, drive head first into them, work them over and enjoy the project, but then lose steam.  I pitter out.  And, you should see some of the projects and ideas I have tackled.  They were amazing … Continue reading

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Let’s add it up! Our Carbon Footprint

This blog is plastered with the phrase CARBON FOOTPRINT and one of the primary goals of our family is to reduce our carbon footprint.  But, what’s a carbon footprint? Your CARBON FOOTPRINT is a measurement of the impact that you … Continue reading

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A confession of mourning

I hate change.  I mean I REALLY hate change.  I can’t emphasize that enough – I HATE CHANGE.  Good change, bad change.  Any change.  I used to wrestle with butterflies in my stomach for weeks before my high school class … Continue reading

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No swearing, please

I like George Carlin.  He makes me laugh, but sometimes I have to turn him off because the swearing and crudeness are too much.  But, this little diddy that he wrote up made me laugh out loud.  But, if I … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Poop!

Six weeks ago the Ferry family Beckett and I made our biggest change so far – We switched from disposable diapers to cloth diapers.  My inner struggle with cloth diapers dates back to the beginning of my pregnancy with Beckett … Continue reading

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