Show me those blond roots!

Well, I like to think of myself as blond, but in all honesty, my hair color tends to be more of a dark, dishwater-blond. Don’t you love that term? You know nothing makes a girl feel prettier than having hair the color of dirty dishwater… If I lived somewhere that actually got sunshine more than four months out of the year, you would find that my hair is actually a golden blond and can even approach honey blond if it is so inclined.   But, either way, I am naturally blond and sometimes those roots show their true colors.  And, last night those roots waved their true colors loud and clear.

Over the past few months, I have been running around like a banshee with my hair on fire (blond hair that is!) and overloading my brain with information: Where’s the best place to get organic beans? Are the sippy cups Beckett is using safe?  Can I recycle this string cheese wrapper?  The data is streaming in and I am working overtime to compute it.

Last night, I was folding my daughter’s clothes and reading the tags – don’t ask me why! – and as I held up one of my favorite pair of her pajamas, a tear fell from my eye as I realized that she had outgrown yet another set of clothes and it needed to be put in the “no-more-baby-now-a-toddler” bin in her closet.  But, that droplet quickly changed to a twinkle when I noticed the tag on these pajamas.  They are organic cotton!!  Holy cow!  Can you imagine my excitement to find a high quality, organic product – from a local, major, big-box store – hiding in the laundry basket?  I had been running around outside my house and these little gems have been in the dresser the whole time!

These wonderful pajamas are from Costco and are the Kirkland house brand.  The pair was only $7.99 and located on those crazy, semi-organized, monstrous clothing tables in the middle of the store.  There was no neon, blinking signage of them being organic and the price certainly didn’t indicate that they were “special”.  But, they are!  My find gave me hope that I was making good decisions even before 2010.  It also gave me a little kick in the shorts to remember to listen to the subconscious and have a little faith in the decisions I have already made.

But, now that Beckett has outgrown this pair, I am forced to forage through the land that is Costco and work to find a replacement.  You can bet your bottom dollar that this time I am picking up a few sets!

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4 Responses to Show me those blond roots!

  1. claudia says:

    you are one terrific writer!
    book #2???????

  2. abloggersman says:

    Not only are they organic, but, frankly, they’re the cutest PJ’s she has too!

  3. Kristen Van Sickle says:

    hey wait…there’s a book #1?? Please share the info…I really enjoy Katies writing!! Oh and, I’m sorry, I know you are all grown now & go by Kate, but you will always be Katie to me.

    • sacredbee says:

      Well, yes, Book #1 is written. It’s a childrens book. But, I am still doing major tweaking and working on an artist… It’s a project in the works. ~Katie 🙂

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