Organic Dog Food – Really!?!?

Planet Organics Dog FoodIf you know me or you have read my “about” page on this blog, you will know that I have two children; a 17-month old daughter named Beckett and a 10-year old German Shepherd mix named Tucker.  Both of them bring daily smiles to my face, but Tucker certainly takes the award for “Awesome Command Follower”.  I am lucky if I can get Beckett to even glance in my direction after I have sternly said “no” a half a dozen times.

So, in essence we are family of four – three bipeds and one quadriped.  At the beginning of the this blog, only Beckett was eating solely organic food, but Jacob and I are slowly transitioning to an organic diet as we replace our “pre-January 1, 2010 pantry items” with healthier, fresher options.  But, Tucker is about to join the ranks.  I pulled the trigger yesterday and purchased organic dog food for Tucker.  He was totally out of food and I decided that now was as a good of a time as any.  I didn’t want to commit to a giant bag, even though Tucker is a pretty big giant at 85 pounds, so I purchased the small 5-pound bag.  It wasn’t the price that turned me onto a smaller bag or being scared of the idea of actually jumping in with both feet, but the fact that Tucker has been eating the same food for over 10 years.  I was afraid he was going to turn his nose up at a full bowl of the new kibbles and we were going to be out $15…

The food that I purchased was Natural Planet Organics and is sold at the small-local chain pet store, Walker’s Healthy Pet, that I have always shopped at and supported.  Maybe you are wondering “how expensive is this food?”  Or, “Why in the world am I buying organic food for my dog – yes, my dog?”  Or, “What makes this food special?”  So, let me answer your questions.

Is this food going to break the bank?! This dog food is expensive in comparison to below standard, low-grade, sub-par food.  But, in comparison to healthy, human-grade, high-quality, it is not even a blip on the radar.  A 25-pound bag of organic dry dog food from Natural Planet Organics will cost me $49.99.  The food that Tucker has been eating for 10 years that is also human-grade, but is not organic was $49.99 for a 32-pound bag.  In the end, the cost difference is $1.99/pound versus $1.54/pound.

Does Tucker really deserve this? Well, if you have met Tucker, you unequivocally know that the answer is a resounding YES.  Tucker is a child to my husband and me and he is Beckett’s brother.  Others may not love their dogs on this same level or have them intricately woven into their family dynamics but, if you have a dog that is a valued member of your pack, I think that this is an option worth considering.  One way or another, your dog is a living being and deserves high-quality care.

What makes organic dog food “special” and what does “human-grade” mean? Natural Planet Organics dog food has the highest percentage of organic ingredients of any dog food on the market.  Is is 76% organic and the bulk of the main ingredients (chicken, rice, barley, oils and other grains) are organic.  The remaining 24% are natural, small, filler additives that provide vitamins and necessary nutrients.  If you can’t get past the whole idea of organic DOG food, it is truly important to look at the difference between human-grade dog food and non-human grade dog food.

Human-grade literally means that you and I can eat it.  I’ve never personally tried it, but I have pried handfuls of kibbles out of Beckett’s mouth a time or two.  So, if you trust a picky toddler’s opinion, she can personally vouch for it’s quality and edibility.  Human-grade dog food is not made from the super low-leftovers – the ones that aren’t even good enough to make into hot dogs!

So, in the end, another Ferry family member has joined the organic food bandwagon and after ravenously devouring an entire bowl of food last night, it looks the next bag we purchase will be the big one…

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2 Responses to Organic Dog Food – Really!?!?

  1. Kristen Van Sickle says:

    Glad to hear Tucker has been included in the families organic lifestyle. Katie, I am really enjoying your blog & have passed it on to a few friends. What a fantastic writer you are! Hugs to you all,

    • sacredbee says:

      Did you think that I could ever forget my second child? Your nephew?! 🙂 Thank you so much for supporting the blog and spreading the word. I gotta say – the project has been so fun so far.

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