What’s in a name? “Oregon Tilth”

As I have been starting to hone in on my organic radar and picking up anything that says organic on it, I have started to notice a message on A LOT of these products.  They are branded “Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth”.

So, what is this Oregon Tilth?  I didn’t know and I thought that it was quite possible that my readers didn’t know either.

Oregon Tilth is a non-profit organization that focuses on supporting and advocating organic farming and food and is based out of Salem, Oregon.  According to their website: they “offer assessment for compliance with several different organic certification standards”.  They provide certification of crop production, wild crop harvesting, livestock production and handling production.

The details above are wordy and formal and don’t really tell what Oregon Tilth is about at the core.  Their primary goal is to advocate and educate on the benefits of sustainable agriculture and the importance of providing healthy food for all humankind.  The organization is also actively involved in partnering with other groups that have these same goals, but are focused on particular subareas of organic and sustainable farming and productions.

In short, the logo you see on these products certifies that it is meets the regulations of the USDA and if it has come from oversees, it also meets the international regulations of certain countries.  These include: Canada, European Union, Japan, Korea and The Global Textile Standard.

Now you know what’s in a name!


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