Seven Generations

This past week while Jacob and I were on a shopping date, I caught him holding a roll of toilet paper from the Seventh Generation and reading the label very carefully.   Seventh Generation is a company that I have purchased from many times in the past and I support their products because they offer a high quality item at a reasonable price and are focused on saving natural resources, reducing pollution and “making this world a healthier and safer place for this and the next seven generations.”  The first Seventh Generation product I purchased was for cleaning my toddler’s toys when she was a few months old.  As most of you know, at this age, all of the toys go in the mouth and are on the floor all the time.  Anything that could be washed in a sink of hot soapy water was done that way, but some things needed to be wiped down.  I was looking for a non-toxic, plant-based, all natural cleaner that doubled as a disinfectant.  Seventh Generation offered the product I was looking for and it has been my trusty, toy cleaner ever since.

But, back to Jacob inspecting the toilet paper roll.  He was reading a message on the roll and I think that it is worth repeating.  And, repeating and repeating.

“In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.” ~From the Great Law Of The Iroquois Confederacy

This statement is spot on.  This is why I am making conscious decisions to personally reduce my waste, recycle my waste and use products that have less of an impact on this planet we call home.  I want to leave with shallower footprints then the ones I came in with.  And, I want to never forget that this earth will go on living and breathing long after I am gone.

Seventh Generation Products

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2 Responses to Seven Generations

  1. Virginia says:

    Yes, yes, yes, the Iroquois nailed it — and seven if not many more generations ago. May there be shallower footprints for us all.

  2. DOD says:

    Katydid – The toilet paper story reminded me of a time when Claudia was teaching third grade and doing an environmental lesson on toilet paper. She had the children look at the labels and to see if they could determine how the TP was processed. Was it made from recycled paper? Was it bleached? Did they dye the TP? After extensive research, Claudia had a class of informed 8-year olds. Several days later we were shopping at the local grocery store and overheard a conversation on the next aisle. One of Claudia’s students was making the following comment to her mother, “Mrs. C. would not approve of that toilet paper mom! You had better chose another brand that is not bleached and that is made from recycled paper!” Talk about learning from the younger generation. That is one of the reasons I like reading your blog. Love you and your mind/heart muchly. DOD

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