Hey! Organic! Where’d you go?!

Yo – you, organic!  Where are you?!  I hear your name, but I don’t see your face.  And, you seem to be “the” fad, but you certainly aren’t flooding the airwaves and becoming a mind-numbing nuisance, so where are you!?

Well, I have decided that we are going to eat only* organic.  Note the “asterisk” – I’ll get back to that later.  There is always an asterisk.  And, in an effort to figure out where we are going to get the foods that provide us our organic sustenance, my husband and I had a wonderful date night on Wednesday.  We had an ambitious list of seven grocery stores to visit, but knew that we wouldn’t be able to make it to all of them in one night.  One is in Seattle (Whole Foods), so that was a “duh – we’re not going there tonight” and we both had to work the next day, so that meant bedtime before 11:00pm.  But, we hit three on the list: Fred Meyer, Costco and The Food Co-Op.  My first reaction to the experience was “Crap, this research stuff takes a long time!”  When I say long time, I mean LONNNNNGGGG time!  We spent an average of two hours in each store.  We were armed with literally a grocery list of all the foods that we eat and all the staples that we use in our house; milk, eggs, bananas, broccoli, salsa, butter, yogurt, garbage bags, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins… you get the idea.   A posting in the near future will show the information that we collected in a completely chicken scratched, rain splattered PDF form and will give you a good idea of what our thoughts are on local shopping.

But, back to finding that elusive organic.  I knew that the Food Co-Op was going to make me go “ga ga” and that trip was going to take the longest.  It is a medium size store, but it is jam packed with products.  They might not have three dozen cans of one kind of refried beans like the bigger box stores, but they do have three dozen different kinds of refried beans.  The shelves are also interspersed with oodles of local products.  Really local products: potatoes from Everson, flour and other grains from Bellingham,  bread from Bow and milk from Lynden.  And, the bonus is that these local products are organic.  But, I walked into the front doors expecting to see organic this and organic that.  I thought it would like a game of pin the tail on the donkey without the blindfold – a reach to the left would reveal organic bread, a reach to right would find organic cheese.  But, I left feeling a little defeated.

There are two products that we couldn’t get our hands on – organic tortilla chips and organic bagels.  You are probably thinking that this is where the asterisk comes in, but you will have to wait a little longer for that explanation.  And, I couldn’t find a reasonable priced organic cheddar cheese.  I simply would not bring myself to pay $24.99/pound for cheddar cheese.  Aack!!  So, to save myself from getting a writer’s cramp, I only wrote down what I did find because the list was much shorter than the list of things I didn’t find.  In all honesty, I wanted the store to be stocked the same way that my bigger box store is stocked – everything I need in one place – but all local and all organic.  E-RRRR!  I was wrong.  But, if I had been right, this project and blog would have become a lot easier.  It would have been an apathetic, fluffy attempt at choosing to make a lifestyle change, but really just switching up the names on the checks I write for groceries.  No pain, no gain.  Chug…Chug…Chug…

Some of the local, organic finds at the Food Co-Op

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One Response to Hey! Organic! Where’d you go?!

  1. Barb D.V. says:

    Hey-you are doing great!! I can only handle purchasing some organic products—it takes time, money and energy! So don’t go for perfections from the get go!! I like to shop Haggens in Ferndale and Fred Meyer -Bakerview. Barb

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