A few of my favorite things

Sing with me: These are a few of my favorite things –

As I work on this project, I am finding some absolutely wonderful products that I think others might be interested in.  Each of them has the perfect combination of being both earth friendly and effective.  I am not a talented enough songwriter to compose this entire blog to the tune of Julie Andrew’s smash hit, but you’ll get the gist.   All of these are products I believe in – I have tried them, I love them and some of them have the added bonus of supporting local companies.  I would like to be a paid spokesperson for these items – I could quit my day job, but alas they are simply for your information.

Method Cleaning Supplieswww.methodhome.com

Method makes a truly incredible line of cleaning products for your home.  They basically have everything that you would need for anything anywhere.  The products are packaged in eye catching recycled bottles and containers – that are both functional and attractive.  But, the really good stuff in inside.  The products are filled with everything you want in your house – non-toxic, plant based, recycled, earth-friendly, biodegradable ingredients.  And, you can actually pronounce each ingredient.  Imagine that?!  One of my personal favorites is the “Le Scrub” – think comet cleanser that isn’t toxic.  You can use it in your kitchen sink and then wash veggies in the sink later, too!  And, my second fave is the “Lil’ Bowl Blue” toilet cleaner.  The name makes me giggle, but I also laugh as the lactic acid works it magic without even needing to grab a scrub brush.  Love it!

Karma Organics Nail Polish Removerwww.karmaorganicspa.com

This product should come with the warning – “If you don’t buy it, Kate will buy it for you”!  It is seriously that good.  I don’t know about my readers, but a bright, shiny, chip-free coat of nail polish makes me feel like a million bucks.  Doesn’t matter the color or shade – just treat me to a manicure or pedicure and I am feeling b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l all over.  But, I hate taking off my nail polish with standard remover.  You have to open two windows so you have adequate cross ventilation and then immediately wash your hands afterward or god forbid you stick your fingers near your mouth and gag.  But, this remover is a seriously intoxicating lavender soy-based oil that smells good enough to pour on yourself.  And, it leaves your nails and cuticles feeling moisturized.  It is on the slightly expensive side – $12 for a bottle that is big-ish – but, you are supporting a company that is actively working to provide an extremely high quality product that is biodegradable, packaged in recycled glass bottles and smells simply divine!

Fresh Breeze Organic Milkwww.freshbreezeorganic.com

There are two words that describe this milk and tell you why you should buy it:  “organic” and “local”.  And, I mean really local:  Lynden, Washington – right off Badger Road local.   You are purchasing a hormone-free, organic-certified high quality product AND you are supporting a local business.  Unfortunately, they don’t sell directly to customers and you have to use the middle-man (grocery store) to purchase it, but once the cycle is complete, the money is back in the hands of the local farmer.

Trader Joe’s Organic Yogurtwww.traderjoes.com and Nancy’s Organic Non-Fat Yogurtwww.nancysyogurt.com

Yogurt is one of those foods that is filled with all sorts of good things.  Quality yogurt is filled with live bacteria and is natural.  What is “natural” yogurt you ask?  Natural yogurt isn’t filled with artificial sweeteners, colors and fruit (yes, they put fake fruit in some yogurts!).  It is milk that is flavored with real fruit.  And, it’s hard to find.  It’s super hard to find if you want yogurt with no sweeteners – natural or unnatural.  Nancy’s Organic Non-Fat Yogurt is the only one I have found that is readily available and is completely free of any type of added sweetener.  And, it’s delicious.  But, if you are willing to give a little organic cane sugar a try and want a healthy snack or dessert – try Trader Joe’s Organic Yogurt.  It comes in a 4-pack of snack size containers for only $1.99 and its ingredient list is short and sweet; organic milk, organic cane sugar, organic strawberries or vanilla extract (depending on which flavor you buy), organic beet juice for coloring and that’s it!   Yogurt is truly yummy for your tummy – just don’t buy the junk!

Perhaps, we can think of this “a few of my favorite things” as the first verse.  Who knows how long the song will be – depends on how many cool, noteworthy products I find – but it is great to have a forum where I can share what I find.  I wish that I could be like Oprah and gift each of these products to my readers and loyal devotees, but for now this is my way of giving you the heads up on what is out there and saying “check out this nifty item!”.

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