hello there

Have you been looking for me?

I’m still here.

Well, not here HERE.  But, I am here in the great big world of blogging.

Even if you weren’t looking for me or wondering where I stepped off to, I needed to do this for me.   I don’t do loose ends very well.  I make endless lists.  I rely on post its, check marks and chirping reminders to make the “to do” a “done”.

So, here I am tying up this loose end.  This place.  This first home I found in the world of blogging.

A place to practice my craft and share my words.

It was a place of experimenting with new ways and different methods.  It had a goal – a project with a beginning but no real end.  Looking back, it seemed to sort of drift away instead of reaching a definitive ending.

I am grasping that drifting wisp, pulling it back to shore and parking it at the dock.

This place is no longer home.  It was like a fun first apartment.

I have a new place.  A new spot to call my own.

There is less of my name, my kids names and my identifiers.  But, there is a lot more of me.  Me in the sense of who I am, who I was and who I am growing into.

There isn’t much practical beekeeping advice.   I have retired from active beekeeping, but still have a tendency to yack on and on about honeybees, why their survival and success is crucial to our world, how sweet beeswax candles are and why honey is so much more than a dollop of yumminess.

I’m honing my skills, crafting my words and sharing my thoughts in a space that is brutally honest and borders on rambling.

There isn’t much about what products I love or what my newest gadget is and you won’t find an affiliate link, giveaway or other sales pitch.

You will read about my hesitancy about tackling parenthood, raising competent and contributing adults, how damn hard it is to have kid on the autism spectrum and why my family is my truest love and my grounding force.

You will find out why writing is my muse and why my cupboards are stocked with white dishes.

So, if you would like to follow me – for who I am and what I’m writing about in this ordinarily unique life I call mine…

Please accept this invitation to visit me over at www.walkingtherainbow.wordpress.com.

I am not ready to let the wrecking ball tear through the posts, page and html code to make the Sacred Bee’s Blog disappear, but I am ready to hand the keys back and call a new place home.

Until next time…

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becoming a runner

I have no recollection of ever being a runner. In high school, I conceded against my will to what the teacher was requesting and would begrudgingly round the track at a sloth’s pace. And, I would happily switch to a lollygagging stroll when the track took a turn out of the teacher’s view and I could avoid the dreaded demand to “Run!”. I can’t really pinpoint why I hated running so much. Maybe it’s because I was never into sports and therefore wasn’t required to run for any activities. Or maybe it’s because I’m not very competitive and the thought of pushing myself that hard kind of makes me want to vomit. It could be that idea of bridging the gap between the running of my “dreams” and what I hoped to look like and what I actually looked and felt like seemed insurmountable. For thirty three years, I have avoided running. In anyway shape or form.

But, then I heard about a fun run that was full of bubbles. Huge, flowing, colorful mounds of bubbles. Can you imagine?! That got me excited. As quickly as that elation hit me, it dissipated the second I converted how much five kilometers was…. THREE (!!!!) miles. My mind began spinning… thinking back to my high school days, I realized that was 12 laps around the track. Continue reading

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back at it

Here I am. Yes, I’m still alive. Yes, my family is still intact. The last 12 (!?) months have actually been rather unremarkable. It’s been pleasantly predictable and comfortable. Just the way I like it. But, I’ve missed this place. And, these people (that’s you guys). The true ache I have and the emptiness I feel is my longing to write again. I miss the words. I miss the construction of the sentences and the pouring of my swirls in my mind onto paper and screen. There is a world beyond the craziness and delight of two girls, three meals that require my cooking every day and all the other household “stuff” that sucks up my energy and time. Writing is my place.

A few months ago, I took a step back and thought about where I was Continue reading

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2012 in review stats

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 39,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 9 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

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organized simplicity

I consider myself to be a highly organized person. I have flawless systems in place for just about everything and I pride myself on my ability to remember the appointments, make the phone calls, find that gift I bought months ago for the birthday that is this week and even pull from the back of my brain the oddball placement of Beckett’s doll’s missing shoe. We have a scheduled bi-monthly pickup from the local non-profit for donations and I make regular trips to the consignment store to drop off unneeded/unwanted/outgrown kid’s gear and clothes. Our closets are lined with labeled containers and neat baskets. We do not live in clutter. At all. And, we don’t buy things we don’t need.

So, taking all this into account, when I heard about the book “Organized Simplicity” by Tsh Oxenreider – I thought to myself “pssssh… We don’t need this. We are already simply organized.” Well, turns out that being simply organized and organized simplicity are two very different things. Continue reading

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plastic bag ban

I have some big news that I am just ecstatic about.  Literally busting at the seams.  Sit down – NO, no sibling for Camden and Beckett just yet, but it is still pretty cool.  The city of Bellingham passed an ordinance titled the “Single Use Carry Out Bag Ordinance” that goes into affect on August 1, 2012.  The ordinance bans all single use plastic bags in the Bellingham city limits.  Paper carryout bags will be available for 5-cents (with a few exceptions – see below).

Here are my thoughts.  First – I am big fan of reusable anything.  Single use anythings, be it ziploc bags, plastic grocery bags, water bottles, etc…, are modern day conveniences but they come with a price.  And, it’s a steep price when landfill space, biodegradation rates and sheer volume are taken into account.

Second – plastic is not an eco-friendly product.  And, by eco-friendly, I am talking people-friendly, Continue reading

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price at the peak

We recently took a short family vacation to eastern Washington where the sun shines bright, the thermometers approach scorching and the orchards are overloaded with apricots, cherries and peaches.

On our way out of town at the end of our road trip, we hit up an organic fruit stand that has become one of my favorite stops on this annual trip.  The “Rest Awhile” has been organic for years, but their certification just came through this past winter and now they are “certified organic”.  Well, the Ferry family loaded up and took home as much produce as our jampacked car could hold.

Reason # 216 to buy produce at the peak of its season: 16 pounds of certified organic apricots for $18.  And, my oh my – were they ever delicious…

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a new idea

We are blessed to have a huge lot with a very big vegetable garden.  There is a lot of area to work with and I am able to switch up experimental newbies with my old standbys.  But, I am always looking for clever ideas and new ways to try growing vegetables, flowers and fruits. 

I was skimming one of my favorite blogs, Keeper of the Home, and came upon this ingenius idea.  The “gutter lettuce” growth method takes repurposed household gutters (or another item with a similar shape/purpose) and uses the side of a shed/building/house to grow lettuce.  The gutters are installed at a slight angle to allow for water run-off and a sunny or part-shade location would work perfect.  Lettuce needs very little root room, so a shallow tray like gutters is a great growing method.  I also think that edible landscape is an awesome way to go when it comes to landcaping and is such a unique option, beautiful and functional.  Hey, Jacob, can you say “honey do list project”!?!?

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camden is famous!

Camden has found that the drawers in the kitchen are filled with a wondrous array of goodies – cloth napkins, tupperware, spoons, you name it… Oh, and then there is the  drawer with a loaf of Dave’s Killer Bread!

I took the picture of Camden exploring the kitchen drawers and spotted the cameo appearance of the DKB loaf after I uploaded the pictures.  I sent it off to my contact at DKB and it went viral, well viral-ish, on DKB’s facebook page.  That Camden is one cutie-patootie!

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local corner: summer stops

I really embrace each of the seasons when they arrive, but summer might just be the one dearest to my heart.  It could be endlessly long days with gardening into the wee hours of the evening or the good ol’ fresh air that fills my lungs and works the wiggles and energy out of my rambunctious three year old.  The one thing I know I love about summer is the abundance of fresh food that our county provides.  For the June 2012 Co-op newsletter I put together an article of my favorite family stops around Whatcom County.  It’s a great read (if I do say so myself) and a wonderful reminder of why summer is just the best.  Happy summer solstice to you all!

Click for the PDF article hereWorth a look if you want to see some great pictures of Beckett and a visually appealing spread.

Click for the entire June 2012 newsletter here

Below is the article in it’s entirety.  Enjoy!

The long days of summer warmth have been teasing as we transition from spring into one of the best seasons in Whatcom County.  In summer, this beautiful corner of the Pacific Northwest is overflowing with an abundance Continue reading

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